March 11, 2019

WAG Helps Gus Feel Better

Hi all.  Guardian hasn't been keeping you up with what's happening around here.  You already know I'm a senior pug at age 12, and I have some aches and pains I didn't used to have when I was younger.  Guardian takes me to this place that has me do exercises to help me with pain.
You can see here one of the exercise stations I have. I have to walk up the hill, then stop and sit and then stand a few times, then walk back down. Some things I walk on are soft, some not soft, and some that are harder.

Sometimes the doc puts this light thing on me.  Guardian says it called a "LAY zer" and it's to help make the pain less. But the best thing I do is to walk through warm water on a treadmill thing.

When Guardian tries to explain to other people how the treadmill gets under water, they weren't sure what that meant.  So, here's a picture of me in this nice warm water while the earth moves beneath my feet.  I heard the vet say this was something gentle but also caused me to use my muscles.  I'm told I don't always know where my back feet are, so this helps me find them.

Guardian said I didn't know my back legs did this.  I think WAG is trying to get them not to do this.
What is even better is that Guardian brings my favorite treats, and I get LOTS of them when I do the exercises. 

That's the latest from me!

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