May 21, 2012


We went for another walk with our pug buddies Oscar and Otis again in Fisher’s Park.  It was a pretty hot day, so we started out in the shade. 


O&O’s guardian, Judy, found this strange plant.  It was Jack something—why would someone name a plant “Jack?”  Anyway our Guardian got all excited about it because she used to have one in her backyard when she was a pup.   Only she said hers was like 3 feet tall.  What's with her and these strange plants anyway?? (Remember the Devil's Tongue?)

Gus and I were pretty tired when we came to the trail’s end and started across the big, wide lawn. 

This is how far we were from the big white car Guardian uses to take us places.
We are just worn out!

Me especially

Hey! Do you mind? I'm trying to sleep here!

May 4, 2012


This is Gus.  You haven’t heard from me in a loooong time.  But I just had to put in my therapy dog four-paws worth today.

Jazz always gets the posts about therapy dog visits, but I do them, too.  I never did that before I joined this pack, so my style is very different.  I’m sort of a “lay low” sort of therapy pug.  You all know I don’t see so well.  So when I get into a new and different place, I sort of get shy.  I may not be a “meet and greet” sort of pug, but I love loving, too!
See? They love me, too!
This was last summer.   What is Doggone Good Readers on Saturdays is also done outside of the library.  It’s called “Bark Pals,” and it's only in the summer.  I was told to say it’s an “outreach” program.  That means kids who live farther away from the library can come read to dogs, too.  It’s on a day in the middle of the week in daylight hours.  It was hot outside, but inside was cool.  Bright lights sometimes bother me, but I was just more confused about what I was supposed to do.  So I just followed things Guardian said, like “sit” and “down” and “stay.”

I got some boy readers, too.
She's reading about a pug who thinks he's unloveable--but I'm not that pug!
I think I did a pretty good job.  So there, Jazz.  You’re not the only pug therapy dog kids want to love!

May 1, 2012


On Saturday I went to another library for a program called, “Who Let the Dogs In?”  Well, there were only three sisters and me, so I was the only dog let into the place. Guess that makes me special, huh?  Yeah, well we all know that’s true anyway!
Who Let the Dogs In sister readers

Doggone Good Readers Room
Very different than the other library I go to, where we have like 6 other dogs in the room and like 30 kids.   Each dog gets assigned up to 5 readers, so no one barges in another's group. That library has the program, “Doggone Good Readers,” in a separate room, so nobody else is allowed in to disturb the kids reading, not even parents!.   

Doggone Good Readers and all that loving

Doggone Good Readers really show their love and appreciation
But the new library had me in a very open space, the children’s library area.  Kinda different because other very young children wandered in and wanted to pet me while the 3 sisters were reading (well, one is only 4…more about her in a minute).  I was happy for the attention, but it seemed sorta rude, doncha think?

I was restless and didn’t want to lie down right away.  I mean I loved the kids and their attention, but I think it was too quiet there and not enough different people to love me. HAFTA be loved by more than Guardian each day or the day isn’t a great one.  Too many windows, too, so it just felt different.   

 But the littlest sister was very cute...she said she couldn't read, but she made up a story from the pictures.  Very clever.

Littlest loves real books even if she can't read words yet
Don't want to leave out the middle sister

Look at what big sister is reading--MY BOOK!
I liked Big sister, too, 'cuz she read my book, "Pick up That Book and Read to Me," (and of course she loved me, too!).  Funny thing is, if you look at the photo above, Big sister was on a page that had the OTHER library's Doggone Good Reader's picture.  Maybe we should bring both programs together some time.  Yeah, then I'd have a pile of kids to love me!  And there'd be a bunch of other well-trained therapy dogs, too.

Guardian will probably take me back to the new library.  Don't get me wrong--I'll take petting and attention wherever  I can get it.  So, bring it on, "Who Let the Dogs In?" and bring on the kids and even maybe one other calm therapy dog--next time.  I could use lots of extra lovin'!!