September 26, 2017


Chica:  This is me a looooong time ago (in pug time). Long before I met Guardian and Gus.

Here I am today:
Still got that cuteness factor, but all grown up!

Gus: Well, since there are no loooooong ago puppy pictures of me, here's one before I earned my silver stockings, paws and other silvery areas.

Handsome dude, eh!?

Not a single silver hair!

I may have a lot of silver now,but I can still grin with the best of them!

September 21, 2017


CHICA here:  There are lots of fun things to chew here.  Well, only on the deck, but that's where we like to be anyway.
Here I am with a big pig ear.  YUM!

Some sort of beef thingy
Then there was some other sort of bone here. Even Guardian didn't have a name for it.
Same thing on another day, another cushion.

And here Gus and I are happily chewing in peace with each other.

You won't see butt to butt happen very much! Just shows you pugs who chew together get along together!

GUS here:  But I always have to keep an eye out for you, Chica, you little thief!