January 22, 2012


So on Saturday we had our first snowstorm for 2012.  This means we get to go out to our backyard, sometimes even off leash.

January 21, 2012
‘Course, this was nothin’ compared to this snow in January 2011.
January 31, 2011

 Or 2010
February 6, 2010
We like grass, and when this cold white stuff is all over the ground, well, grass is on vacation. Last year we discovered a place that had none of it.
Yeah, there’s no grass, either, but there are good smells.  It was a good “relief station.”

Usually Guardian has us on leash until she figured out we were not Malamutes who love the snow or cold, or anything much about winter.  With 15 inches of that cold white stuff and temperatures that turned dripping water into long, pointy shiny daggers, we weren’t goin’ anywhere. Besides, Guardian had treats and the key to a warm, dry house.  She stomped a trench for us, and we could run out without our leashes. She warned us we were breaking laws where we live, but fortunately, most of our neighbors and the leash police don’t like winter any more than we do.  So who was going to see us to jail us?

So this year, we did it again. No leash! It almost made winter fun.

Almost, but not quite.  This is much better:
(One day Guardian will learn how to correct “dog eye” so I don't look so alien.  Or Adobe will create a “pet eye” button along with “red eye.”  Adobe must NOT be a pet owner.)

Does it snow where you live?  What pugs out there like (or love) snow?   Why!?

January 19, 2012


Guardian just got some exciting eats today!  These are candies in the shape of pug mugs—you know, our heads!   She had seen them on The Daily Puglet like about 100 posts ago and searched and searched for them (just like Puglet’s human had).  Our Guardian must be very lucky, because she found them—but then didn’t.  Well, an American website had them, but they had sold them all. Guardian is good with finding weird things (not so good with everyday items like gloves), so she emailed the person who runs the site, who then emailed that she’d let us know when they came in  again.  

Guardian got all excited and knew all you pug people would love to see them.  So she got out Canon to shoot pictures of the two flavors.

Since Gus and I weren’t around when Canon came out, Guardian had to substitute with fake pugs.  I think she knew we’d try to eat them and the fake pugs have mouths that don’t open ever, so how can they eat them?   

Seems these candies are from a place called Germany where they don’t speak like us.  At least we don’t know how to understand their words.  Kinda like how humans don't understand our noises. And all the words on the candy were in that Germany language, so we don't know which flavor is the ginger and which flavor is the sour one.

Well then we showed up and she had to turn Canon on us.

 So it's up to us to ask:

Does anyone out there speak the Germany language so we can figure out which flavor is which?

January 16, 2012


Jazz here. Some of you might be wondering just what was in that gift package we gave Darby the last post.  It’s a fantabulous toy that we hear lots of doggies dig. (I’ve been listening too much to how Guardian talks.  I’m like a parrot here imitating her—sorry.  Now you know what I have to put up with.)  Since Gus hasn’t talked here in a while, I’m gonna let him take this one.  I’m off for my nap.

Gus here.  I love soft toys.  Not as much as food, but close.  At one time I didn’t trust any human around my toys, so I ended up just playing with the toys by myself.  I didn’t know it could be fun to include Guardian in the game.  But now I do.  Ouch! Jazz just poked me…I think I’m not supposed to talk about me here.  Sheeesh!

So one of my favorite toys is something called a Skinneeeze.  Guardian gave it to us, ‘cuz it had no stuffing for us to get at and swallow.  She said it would clog us up or something.  I don’t know, but I know I tried to eat it a couple of times.   Got in bad trouble, too, for that.

We know that Darby also loves these toys, so we gave him one. Since he has bowel trouble, he can't get in trouble by eating stuffing that isn't there.  Even though you can’t eat the stuffing from it, Jazz tries to eat the squeakers.  There are two of ‘em, one at each end.  Ours is LOOOOOOONG.

  But the one we gave Darby was short, well,  ‘cuz he’s shorty dog.

 When his Guardian opened the package, Darby was so excited he just grabbed it.  Even before the paper was off.  I think he liked it.  What do you think?

Action shot of Darby opening his gift. It's NOT yours, Jazz!


January 10, 2012


We are SO happy that not only is Darby back home, but that he’s ready for outings.  We love our pack walk with Darby.  We sometimes have others walk with us, but today it was just Darby, me, and Gus. First we stopped by Darby’s house to give him a gift.

Then we went inside Darby’s house and his Guardian showed us his stitches.  (Hide your eyes if it bothers you.)

Now Darby’s a little dog, and that was a looooong cut in his tummy!  Guardian said he’s going back to the hospital to get those stitches removed.  I’m not sure how they get removed very soon, and since I don’t like animal hospitals, I won’t ever know.  Our Guardian’s tummy gets upset when it comes to body parts being cut into or seeing boo-boos. Especially ones that are oozy or dripping red stuff.  So I know she won’t be looking.  I even saw her make a face when she took that picture of Darby’s stitches.  

Then we started out on our walk.  Along the way we saw the BIG dog, Millie.  She’s part Border collie and something else that’s much bigger than a Border collie, and she sometimes scares Gus.  But I can hold my own with her.  Mostly she likes chasing her toy, and then she doesn’t even know there’s anything else in her world.

Jazz, Darby, Millie (& her toy) and Gus

So you’re probably wondering what was wrong with Darby.  Well, we were told he has something called “Irritable Bowel Disease, Moderate.”  I have no idea what that is, but it does mean he’ll be on special medicine to calm his irritable bowels.  His Guardian had a really, really sad look on her face when she told us that.  She had a sheltie before she brought Darby into her life and he had to be on special medication a long time.  It made him sick in other ways.  And she said that Darby's tummy and bowels were always sort of irritable, so he was born that way, I guess.  His personality sure ISN'T irritable! We did notice that his tail was dragging today and that he didn’t bounce like he used to, so I guess he’s sad, too, that he has to take special medications. 

I think he looks sort of unhappy in this picture.  But still insanely cute, you gotta admit!

January 6, 2012


Guardian has this thing she calls a “calendar.”  Every day she rips off a page and says that this is the new day’s date.  She says that this helps measure time.  Time?  Isn’t time always NOW?  Why do you need to rip off a piece of paper, when everyone knows that NOW is the time?

We like to see each new page, though, because there’s always a new pug picture on it.  Yesterday we were so excited about Darby coming home that we forgot about looking at that picture.  So when we saw it, we were puzzled.  Why does this fawn pug have a half black head?

We know that there are some pug lovers who read our blog.   How do we find where this pug lives?  Guardian says she would call it a “YinYang Pug.”  This is why:

So, has anyone seen YinYang pugs??  We really want to know if this is true or just a picture trick?? (Oh Guardian says we have to say that the YinYang pug picture belongs to “WillowCreek Press.”)

January 5, 2012


For all of you wonderful people and dogs that sent juju to Darby the Havanese, I wanted you to know he’s finally home!  He was supposed to come home Wednesday, but he missed the throw-up deadline.  Like he couldn’t go more than 24 hours and keep his food in his tummy.  But he kept everything from coming back up for more than a day, so the animal hospital said his Guardian could have him back again.  She was so happy and relieved!  

We wanted to rush over and greet him, but our Guardian said he needed time to be at home and let his Guardian, D2, have alone time with him.  We weren’t even allowed to send our Guardian to get a picture.

But then we heard that the animal doctors still don’t have a cause for all the throwing up.  Guardian told us it was just something called “IBD,” which is no more than just guts that are not working right.  They don’t know what else to say.  We also heard that they are waiting for all the test results.  Not sure if that was for the quizzes,  mid-term or final exam, but we all hope he passes them with an A+!

Come back tomorrow and see if we have a new photo of Darby!

In the meantime, Gus and I were so happy, we did our 2 minute pug wrestling match (if this doesn't play, then blame Guardian's lame attempt at doing a YouTube thingy, then trying to put the movie here--anyway, you can find it on our new YouTube channel--pugsnortreport1 ):

January 2, 2012


You all know Darby, the sweet, adorable, gentle Havanese friend of ours.  We walk with him and his Guardian, D2, a lot.   

Well, last week Darby started throwing up every time he tried to eat his breakfast and dinner.  His Guardian is very careful about his diet and only gives him approved snacks (like pugged up I mean puffed up rice and occasional Cheerios) every now and then.  We always thought he was cheated, since our Guardian gives us lots of tiny snacks—like cut up organic beef jerkey, buffalo jerky, dried plain duck breast, and dried liver with no bad stuff in it—when we take walks, and Darby gets nothing.  But now we know why.  And we’re just as happy to eat all the treats from our stash that might have been tossed his way.  But we'd never want to hear he couldn't even eat his own food!

Well, D2 took him to the vet on Friday, and here it is Monday and he STILL cannot keep any food down.  D2 said he was on something called  "Ivy," ‘cause he was all dried out.  Today we found out the vets will have to cut into his tummy, ‘cause these same dumb vets who charge lots and lots of money and are supposed to be experts in finding out why doggies get sick, can’t figure it out!  (Some day our Guardian will tell you the story about this same vet office that misdiagnosed another pug that Guardian used to have and charged her a lot of $$$ to tell her the wrong thing!  We don’t go to them anymore—unless our vet is closed.  There’s another weekend story about my throwing up and having to go there.  But I got better right away, which had nothing to do with the vets!)

But we won't say anything more that's bad about them, because we want to believe they're better at cutting into a doggie's tummy to find out why he's sick than they are at other things.

Guardian D2 is sick herself with worry and fear.  We're all not so thrilled, either.

SOOOOO…we are going to do what Puglet (of The Daily Puglet) does when he hears of sick doggies—he asks that everyone send “good ju-ju” to the sick doggie to help him get well.

PLEASE EVERYONE, SEND REALLY, REALLY EXCELLENT JU-JU TO OUR FRIEND DARBY.  We miss him and we want him all well and back walking with us!  

Please help him have a really good 2012!!

Gus here--Send good Ju-Ju to Darby  
Jazz here--yeah, send excellent Ju-Ju to Darby