November 12, 2017


Chica:  I'm gonna talk about the places we go where kids read to us. We go to a school where Guardian has told us little kids in grade 2 (not sure what that means) read to us.

Guardian makes these paper things that get stuck in a book.  They have pug pictures on them (us, of course).  Here's the latest one, she told me to show:

Sometimes I try to go faster to get to the kids, but then I'm still in the same spot. 
The floors are scary because they are slippy. 
But once I get to the kids, I'm happy. They have these little rug things so I don't slip.
I even leave my tongue out, 'cuz there are more smiles when I do. That makes me happy, too! Guardian is so happy because we help kids learn to love to read.

But when I leave, I know they will remember me because pictures of me and Gus are stuck in a book!

Gus here: 
Here I am at Abington Library. These 2 boys like me and they are smart. Good readers, too!

Here I am again at Abington, but the kids have already read their books to me and left.  These are the books with not so many words that kids can choose to read to us. Sometimes we bring our books with pugs in them.

P.S. In case you didn't notice--I didn't want Chica to have the last woof here....

October 25, 2017


Gus here: I am turning eleven bones on October 25, says Guardian. I have been here a while, but I have another pug friend who has been around a LOT longer...
Satchmo age 16

He's Satchmo and he lives with another family member. We go over to see him every week.  We love his BIG yard because we don't have to wear our walking gear when we go there.

He gets around pretty well.  But Guardian doesn't think the video here works, so try this
You can even see me for a little bit! Guardian said go to number 30 on video.  Chica didn't hog into this moving picture for once!

Guardian celebrated sort of like with my other birthdays.
The pug cookies came back.They'd been in a kennel for a year, poor pugs.
Yum! this is really good!
Chica got one, too, but she is too busy eating to tell us what she thinks.
Gone in a hurry!
More, please....

September 26, 2017


Chica:  This is me a looooong time ago (in pug time). Long before I met Guardian and Gus.

Here I am today:
Still got that cuteness factor, but all grown up!

Gus: Well, since there are no loooooong ago puppy pictures of me, here's one before I earned my silver stockings, paws and other silvery areas.

Handsome dude, eh!?

Not a single silver hair!

I may have a lot of silver now,but I can still grin with the best of them!

September 21, 2017


CHICA here:  There are lots of fun things to chew here.  Well, only on the deck, but that's where we like to be anyway.
Here I am with a big pig ear.  YUM!

Some sort of beef thingy
Then there was some other sort of bone here. Even Guardian didn't have a name for it.
Same thing on another day, another cushion.

And here Gus and I are happily chewing in peace with each other.

You won't see butt to butt happen very much! Just shows you pugs who chew together get along together!

GUS here:  But I always have to keep an eye out for you, Chica, you little thief!


July 31, 2017


 Chica: Hey Gus, thanks for letting me share your cushy bed!

Gus: Guardian, does she HAVE to be here?!

Guardian:  She's not bothering you, Gus.

Gus: OK....OK...just let me relax a minute...

Chica:  I'm gettin' tired, Gus.

Gus: Mmm-hmmm


June 24, 2017


Chica is new here, so Guardian has been writing a lot here about her.  But I'm the senior pug and I deserve a bit of attention here, too!

Wherever Chica goes, I go every other time, so it's about time Guardian has told all you readers about that.  When Jazz was here, we did that, too.
Yeah, don't forget to write about me!

So here I am at a few therapy dog visits...

At a local library

These two were at a local elementary school. Guardian said to say these are third graders (What's that mean?)

I enjoy the kids, too, and they love that I'm not silly or crazy active like Chica.  When you get my age, you don't waste energy that way.  I save it for chasing my green ball!

April 5, 2017


So Guardian has been taking me to a building that's filled with kids. Guardian told me it was a "school" where children go to learn lots of things. There are people called "tee-churs" who help them learn.  She also said these kids were going to read to me--words from a book.  I know about books--remember the library where kids read to me, too? She said it helps them to read better and better because they love to read to a dog.

We walked down a long, slippery floor (I do NOT like it!). I stop and just try to flatten myself  because I'm afraid of it.  Guardian does pick me up, and we get to a spot where the walkway just....stops...

Guardian spreads out something we can sit on, and I have a special blue rug that doesn't slip around.
We waited and waited and waited....where ARE those kids? Then they started coming---two at a time--and they had books with them.  They read the words to me, and I loved to listen.  Of course, I gave them my cutest look and tried to lick them (Guardian doesn't like me to do that, but I just can't help it!)

They don't stay long...we have lots of kids coming, so everybody needs a turn. Finally, the last two kids came out.  I was just SO happy they read to me.  I feel much smarter now!  Well, I guess that's what school does!

Guardian says these school kids are called "stoo-dents" or something like that.  I feel like a "stoo-dent", too!  Don't I look smarter to you?  Or maybe if the kids learn how to read better, I'm a "tee-chur"!  What do you think?  "Stoo-dent"
or "tee-chur"?

March 15, 2017


Gee, we haven't been around much lately since I became a real, official Therapy Pug Dog.  Our Guardian has been crazy busy, and her fingers were full of writing many other words.

But this day is IMPORTANT! (or so Gus told me...he's now a 10 Bone Birthday boy).

Someone said a birthday is a day to have a party. Well there aren't many parties around here, especially since the outside is like this...

Guardian says people don't like to drive in stuff like this.  Gus and I don't like trying to find a place to, well, "go" in this stuff.  It's cold and makes our feet icy and wet, and we slip and slide.

It was warm inside, so for my birthday, Guardian gave me a fun bath.  Maybe getting all wet is not so great, but then we play "find it."  She leaves treats for me to find, and I'm so proud when I sniff them out!
This treat was hidden in a toy!

Then, my special not-to-eat treat was a new "Cuz Ball." Guardian says it's pink, but what's that?  It's just great because it squeaks and moves and bounces crazy when she throws it. I like how it feels in my mouth, too.
It's been a great 5 bone birthday!
But we're all tired out from it....ZZZzzzz....

January 21, 2017

Doggone Good Readers LOVE Chica

Chica:  What can I say?  I was a bit worried when I came to this book place. It was my first time there. Guardian told me the kids would love me, but I wasn't sure.  It was a sort of cold day--Guardian said it was the last month of the year.  Don't know what that means, but maybe you do?

Guardian made me wear a coat, and I got too hot indoors wearing it.  But you can see my famous tongue (Guardian calls it my "lizard" tongue!), I needed to stick it out to help me cool off.  I may not be the smartest pug ever, but I sure know I'm NOT a lizard (Uh...can somebody tell me exactly what that is?!)

Hey kids, can you find the books about pugs in the pictures?

I was tired after we finished.  But I knew I was well loved by all who met me. That's my purpose in life--to give and get love.  And to be kind to others.  Oh, and I helped a bunch of kids practice their reading.  Not too shabby!

Gus claims he can read after helping so many kids with their reading...How many kids will it take to teach me to read, Gus?