February 13, 2016


Sorry I've not been telling Guardian what to write here for a long time.  I'm not much of a word talker.  Oh, Guardian knows I sing and make pleasure noises when she scratches my head and rubs my ears...and I do like to bark from time to time.  I mean, you know, Guardian needs protection from shadows and odd sounds and....well...like the wind and clinking noises.  Why is she always telling me not to protect her and then go "SHHHHH"?
I just want to protect you.. 
This is the season things are cold...very cold...and all that cold white stuff that makes it hard to find just the right spot for everything I do outside.
I know my spot is somewhere around here.

Where did the deck go?!
I love the deck...but where did it go??  Why does that white stuff have to be everywhere?

People ask if I miss Jazz.    I watch Guardian, and I see her leak water from her eyes when she looks at Jazz's pictures. I guess she misses her. Well....really, I'm just very happy as an only pug.  But I hear Guardian talk about something happening when the snow is all gone and I can walk outside without that stupid coat.
Jazz always wanted me to bow to her. She wasn't always nice to me.
Guardian spends a lot of time on a machine with a TV screen and has her hands on something that clickety-clacks a lot.  She's been watching this a lot lately.
Not sure what TV program this is.  I don't see too well.

She laughs a lot when she watches this show.   She even talks to the TV screen-like thing.

She oohs and ahs a lot when this appears on the screen.
Why does Guardian ooh and ahh at this?
Anybody know what this is? And why she's watching this?