December 23, 2014


Gus here.  Traveled in the car crate a very long way from our cold place to a warm one.  We stopped at places that had new smells.  We lived in a place that had one room, two beds, my food and water and crate.  Oh, and a TV.

We had to ride in a small room that went up and down to get there.

Every day we took the crate to the car and rode to a place where there were lots of people and dogs.  Guardian seemed excited and happy.
Every day we took a walk with all those people and dogs.  It was hot and one day I had to go to a cooler place away from the walk.  I had a funny coat that helped me stay cool sometimes, and I liked to walk with Guardian and all those other people and dogs.  They became my pack.

Cool coat, eh?
I met a man who was different somehow from other people I have met.  He gave me some food, and I was REALLY excited!  I love food and no one better get between me and my food! But then he made me stop before eating without yelling or jerking my leash. He made a funny noise, though. I just had to obey, but it was ok.  He was nice, but just different.  I liked him.
He also spoke to Guardian and things began to change at meal time. Not fun.
What was fun was this:
Yeah, that's me and some sheep.  I eat lamb sometimes, but just chasing these sheep was SO much FUN! I didn't want to eat them.  
And all these people came up to me and started petting me and telling me how amazing I am.  I'm just a pug, though. Still, I sometimes herd sheep and that's when I turn into a Border Collie, (only not as smart, Guardian says). That's OK, 'cuz it was JUST SO MUCH FUN!
Pure JOY!

Jazz here. I just have to add my take on all this.  I was NOT happy being left behind, although I knew the people and animals where I stayed.  But I came home with some itchy critters called fleas.  For days I had to stay away from everyone. Now it's OK and the fleas are gone. But don't ever do that again to me!