December 17, 2013

MERRY HOLIDAY SEASON--except for the S***!!

We have been busy trying to skate our way across the ice covered snow that's (dis)graced our landscape.  It ain't fun, guys.

But this snow is nuttin' compared to this a few years ago:
February 2010

December 2013

It's just that we haven't seen real grass and had a good variety of smells in what seems a LONG time. 

Anyway...we don't want to complain. Nope...we got all we need in our human house and even under our neighbor's deck
Our "business" haven in deep snow


This is our Holiday Card to all of you!!

We hope all of you enjoy peace, pug snuggle love (OK--any pet love--but pugs are the best at that snugly stuff, our HO-HO-HO--Humble Opinion cubed), and warm family and friend time now and on into 2014.