June 27, 2012


Gus here.  Jazz is zonked out somewhere, and I got Guardian all to myself.  I’m so pumped!  On Saturday I went to the close library (short car ride). It was for the “Who Let the Dogs In?” reading program for kids.  Just me.  Only me.  

Jazz had been here before, but none of these kids knew who she was.  I had no competition.  They saw me as “me.”  And this me was pretty darn good!

I was a bit confused at first.  What was I doing here?

Soon I realized why…and after the kids read to me, you can see how happy they were to have me here!

 Yeah!  Remember that, Jazz, next time you woof about kids loving to read to you!

June 22, 2012


(Just want to start out by saying the fuzziness of any of the pictures just shows you how much activity there was in this house.  It was hard to get a non-fuzzy image, ‘cuz the humans and animals moved around so much.)

Mackenzie and Jazz
So our Guardian left the planet and abandoned us for over two weeks. She said she was going to a boot-shaped planet that didn't speak our language.  Well, she doesn't really speak our pug language anyway.  But I think she meant the human language is different. Anyway, that's the big reason you haven’t heard from us.  She left us in a house a long crate-in-the-car trip from home (but on this planet) with a toddler, a 4 year old, a 7-month-old big, goofy, annoying dog, and two grownup guardians.   In the middle of nowhere, too.

Gus and Abigail

I’m a 9-year-old pug who grew up in a quiet household.  I like quiet, peacefulness and no scary loud noises.  That was not this house.  Now, you know I’m a therapy dog.  You’ve seen how I like kids at the library and older people in their group homes.   Libraries are pretty quiet.  Group homes are, too, except there are strange chairs with wheels and sticks people use—both of which I’m wary of.  The kids and older people behave themselves.  The kids where Guardian dumped us were great when they were sleepy, but they were another species entirely the rest of the time.

I'm not sure about this house.

And that dog…Blade…he was the biggest pest.  I made my maddest face and meanest noises, and what happened?  He danced around and thought I was PLAYING!  What an annoying creature!

I could not believe Gus, either.  He and Blade ran around and chased each other like two puppies.  He’s 5 years old…what was he thinking?!   Traitor!

Blade and Gus playing
The grownups would sometimes leave the house with the kids and go visiting.  Gus was the first in line to go with them.  I hid under a bed blanket.

I had to hide.

I thought for sure we would never see Guardian again.  I began to give up hope and began to come out from under the bed. I also made friends with the kids. And even though I sound grumpy, the substitute Guardians really took great care of us.  It just wasn't "home."

Abi and I are down with each other

And Kenzie even took us for a walk!

Gus was always OK with everyone, that ..that…party pug.

The two substitute Guardians and Gus

Kenzie and a sleepy Gus
Then I was OK with the man guardian.
But in the end, we were all tired, exhausted, and I even curled up with Gus.

Just when I was sure this was to be our permanent home…our main Guardian appeared!  We were SO surprised.  I tried to be aloof, to punish her, but frankly, I was pretty darn relieved.  Couldn’t help myself.  Climbed all over her, sniffed her mouth to find out if she had been eating anything interesting (nope), and began to feel happy again. Gus is always happy to see anyone.  Unfortunately, Guardian didn't have her Canon, so no happy picture.  Check back again.  I'm sure there'll be some smiling pugs!