August 16, 2016


CHICA HERE:  Hey!  let's celebrate my ridiculous tongue, Gus!  Look, it's Tongue Out Tuesday!

GUS: Uh...and why are we celebrating your weird tongue?

CHICA:  I told you...because it's Tongue Out Tuesday!  Look...I have many ways to display my tongue:
After a bath..
While I'm waiting for my meals....

When I'm excited about something...

My tongue helps cool me...

Just relaxin'

My puppies needed my tongue lots of times
GUS: Puppies? What puppies?

CHICA: I was a momma before I came to live here.  My tongue cleaned them and helped them...uh...go potty.  Didn't Guardian tell you I was a momma?

GUS: Not really.  I mean, I don't really know much about puppies and mommas.

CHICA:  Ok...but just so you know, Gus, I CAN hide my tongue...

GUS: Yeah?
CHICA: How come your tongue doesn't stick out???

August 11, 2016


Chica here:  All this hoopla about politics has made our Guardian very grumpy.  So, we found out who the REAL best Presidential candidate is---Mildred!

Yeah, that makes it simple!  She's running for the Geezer Party.  I bet there are lots of Geezers out there who were disappointed lately, and we hope you will consider this four footed, one-eyed candidate!  Guardian, would voting for Mildred make you happy again???!!!

I especially like her tongue---

Gus here:  yeah, I kinda think I have a thing for her...I may have found out I like older lady pugs--well, especially this one. She keeps her eye on everything that's happening.  But she doesn't see everything, and that's good.  So Mildred, please come to my area and let's...well...I'm saving my comments for our private time together :-) Oh, and maybe you'd like me to be your VP running partner?   I see you have the moves...I'd like to move with you!

Mildred here:  Get in line, puggy.  I've got quite the list of admirers....

Oh Gus, you are so pugsmacked...that's cute!