October 27, 2011

What's an "iPad?"

My Guardian is really over-the-top about technology.  I mean, who needs 3 computers?  Then, there's something called an iPod (sounds like a vegetable to me), an iPhone (well, I know what a phone is at least), something I heard her call a "Touch" (I like that--touching, I mean), and now there's something called an "iPad."  This doesn't sit on a desk--it floats around the house--a lot. It takes lap space away from us.  I think it's something like a computer because when my Guardian is at a computer, I know I don't get attention, or food, or a walk for what seems like a long time.  And when she's looking at this iPad thing, Gus and I don't get attention or food or a walk for a loooooong time either. Does this happen in your house?  Please tell me this is normal--or not.  Sometimes I think our Guardian likes all these "i" things better than us!  Maybe I should call myself an "iPug."  Hmmmm...brilliant!

October 18, 2011


They love me (Jazz)!
I love to be cuddled.
Gus & I are registered therapy dogs. Not to be confused with those amazing service dogs that help people see and hear and get around.  Naw, we don't even want to be like that--too much work.  I know we are hunting dogs (well, we excel at hunting laps and food and probably toys), but we also like to lie around on soft things a lot.  At 5 and 8, Gus and I aren't exactly full of puppy energy anymore.  But we do like people, and a lot of lonely people in those places where lots of old people live brighten up when they see us.  That sure makes me happy!

Our guardian also takes us to a local library, where kids read to us. That's a lot of fun.  I love kids, especially girls.  When I was a tiny puppy, girls in the neighborhood used to carry me around a lot.  I get sort of in a "zone" when they would do that.  Even today, one thing I love best is to be held gently and cuddled. My guardian says I'm promiscuous (whatever that is) because I'll let anyone touch me.  Hello! I'm a pug!

 This is me being read to.
Here's Gus at  a Summer Reading Program

October 17, 2011


Oh Gus, you are so...uh...male!  You have no refinement when it comes to food.  I, too, love food, but I don't show it so blatantly.  You really have to subtle-up, Gus.

See? I can lie next to a Kong and ignore it.  Yeah, well, I am pretending for the camera (don't ask what happens after Canon is off), but you get more food from Guardian when you don't beg. Just look cute and sort of pathetic, but don't grovel. Try a trick, like your bow posture.

You could learn a lot from me, Gus.  Stay tuned...


Molly was my guardian's first pug.  She was top pug, then I came into the picture several years later and took over.  I told you that before.   When Molly was 11, she developed a terrible disease called degenerative myelopathy (like the worst form of MS for dogs).  She lost the use of her back legs, got fitted with a cart, and this pix is the last time she was able to be out and about at the pug meetup.  We had a great time there, especially Molly.  She told me she was happy to be able to "walk" more like a dog and loved that her cart allowed her to get around and sniff and be like the other pugs.  Even though she and I had had our "moments," I really watched out for her as that awful disease took away her mobility. I became HER therapy dog.   I was sad when she went over the Rainbow Bridge. Even my 'Cuz ball didn't appeal to me.

Gus and I might have our "moments," and I sound like I am sort of impatient with him.  But truth is, he became a great playmate when 3 months later he came to live with us.  But shhhhh...don't let him know that!

October 16, 2011


I LOVE FOOD!  I'm told all pugs love food. That means there are other pugs who want MY food.  Uh-uh...don't even think about taking mine.  I've heard my Guardian say something like food possessive.  Guess that means "DON'T STEAL MY FOOD, OR WATCH OUT!"    Yeah, GRRRRRRR!!  But I'm not so likely to be mean--that's just not me.  I mostly just warn.

When I came to this house I was almost 2 years old (I'll be 5 October 23).  My former family had given me up.  I'd rather not talk about it, but here's what I will tell you:  I LOVE FOOD.  I love most male humans, especially ones in a car or truck.  I DON'T like mechanical noises, like lawn mowers, trash trucks, delivery trucks, & idling car engines.  I get so wild that sometimes Jazz tries to attack me to tell me to SHUT UP!  One day I was so upset over the noises that I attacked her back.  Guardian was really, really angry about that.  Yeah, I'm bigger, younger and have about 5 pounds on Jazz.  But she still bosses me around...she sometimes scares me.  But not as much as when my Guardian gets angry over my attacking Jazz.

Anybody have some FOOD handy??

Past Lives

Since you folks know nothing much about me except that I'm bossy and particular, thought I'd give you a history lesson.  I was born February 11, 2003.  Guardian came to where me and my siblings were so young that I don't really remember much.  But I was told I climbed into Guardian's lap and fell asleep.  So when I was able to really walk and see and run, she came back and took me away.  I came into a home that already had two other pugs, Molly and Satchmo.  Turns out Molly was my aunt, 'cuz her brother was my Dad.  Whatever.  Molly was top pug, but I stopped all that and relieved her of her duties. Guardian keeps saying that she's the alpha B****, and I guess she is.  I mean, she controls the food and water and walks, and the Tricky Treat Ball and the Kongs.  But we all know who really is the driving force behind her alpha-ism.  I mean, without ME who could she alpha around the house?!

I must admit, I'm pretty cute in this picture.  I also admit I left sleeping that way a LOOOONG time ago!

October 12, 2011

Hi Gus BOY pug here

Well, I can speak for myself. I'm Gus. I'm a boy pug--maybe missing a few parts, but I didn't need them. Jazz is really bossy, but I don't care.  I get most of my Guardian's lap time.  So be careful.  Jazz may try to boss you.  (Pssst...just make a scary clanking noise and she'll run away!)


Hello there.  My  name is Jazz and I'm a girl pug.  I say that because everybody I meet thinks I'm a boy pug.  They take one look at my smooshed in face and think something like "Oh, that's not a girl-type face."  Well, that's ok because I am more opinionated than the boy pug, Gus, who shares my living space.

Anyway, we have a Guardian who is a human, and every now and then I'll let her speak directly to you.  But for now this is MY blog and you better get used to it.