April 30, 2013


Gus and I have both been listening to kids read lately.  I usually go to the far-away library.

That's a name tag on my back. Ewww...I'm so grey!

Gus: I go to the short trip library.
Love those head scratches!
 Jazz:  I get to see more kids in a bigger room.
Gus: I get to spend less time in the crate.
Jazz:  I got to go to the library's luncheon for volunteers.
Gus:  You did!? 
Jazz: Yeah, it was awesomely BIG.  It was in the same room that the kids read to me...only it smelled a lot better. But only grown up people, no kids.  And a few other (really huge) therapy dogs.
Gus:  So what did you get to eat?
Jazz: Wouldn't you like to know?
Gus: Uhhhhm...I just asked you to tell me.
 Jazz:  Wellllllllll....actually Guardian wouldn't let me eat her lunch food.
Gus: She's holding out on us.  At the pug meetup, a bunch of pugs told me they get people food a LOT.
She gives you her human food?!?

Jazz:  Hmmmmm...you always look hungrier than I do.  And you are always velcroed to Guardian.  Ya think you can look like you are definitely starving next time she's eating a meal?
Gus: I always look like I'm starving, because I am. 
Jazz: Yeah, and we all know how well that works...Hey, let's put it to the pug world to tell us how to get Guardian to give us her human food!
Gus: OK!

So, readers...what do you do to get your human to give you his/her food????
Please help us...you see here what disgusting things we have to eat. Does this look like something you would eat, humans? I didn't think so. Have pity on us pugs!

April 14, 2013


Finally! Something interesting going on here!

We met this nice lady with a big black, sort of noisy round tunnel thing coming out of her face (a lot of the time--she had regular eyes, nose, mouth stuff, too). 

She had hands that were filled with treats--like ALL the time.  At first I didn't like the weird noise that kept happening, but they seemed to bring on the treats, so I figured that the tunnel thing was pretty much OK.

We got to go to the park where we always walk with Oscar and Otis.  Only they didn't show up.  We had the nice lady & Guardian all to ourselves.  I'm the most important pug, so I got to go first.  She made these strange noises sometimes, too, which I had to twist and tilt my head to make any sense of them.  Treats kept coming, so I kept paying attention to her.  She seemed happy with how I was acting, so I kept it up until I got really tired.

She even took me off the leash so I could run free!  That never happened before in the park.  It sort of woke me up, too.

Gus here:  I was wondering when I'd be getting the nice lady's treats.  We didn't stay in the flowers where she had put Jazz.  That was fine with me.  I got to do studly things on a bench.  Next thing I hear is the word "supermodel," and lots more treats.  This was getting to be fun. I also got treats for just peering out of my car crate.  I got to run free, too.

Jazz: By the time we got home, I was really ready for a nap.  Gus looked droopy, too.  The nice lady and Guardian kept yacking and yacking, which is sort of equal to a sleeping pill to me, so long as I don't miss out on any more treats.

After the nice lady with the noisy black tunnel coming out of her face left, Guardian opened the gifts that the nice lady had brought for US!
There was a pink elephant toy that not only squeaked, but made some of of plastic bag noise.  I like to attack plastic bags (Guardian always pulls it away from me for some lame reason), but not with this toy!  We both had a go at it, trying our best to destroy it.

But the most amazing gifts were something to do with what Guardian called "bacon."    There was this little bottle that smelled delicious when she opened it.  Gus and I sort of licked it, then wanted to grab it.  OMIGOSH...we'd never tasted anything like it!  We wanted to put it in our mouths and run away with it.  Guardian just jerked it up and gave us her evil eye look.  When we did things she liked, like sitting or obeying some other command, out came the little bottle.  

 Then the last, but not least gift was something Guardian said she had to cook.  She plopped it into the ultra fast cooker thing over the stove and it filled the house with this unbelievable mixtures of smells.  It also made sort of popping noises.  Guardian said it had to cool down first--then she gave it to us. It was crunchy and tasted like--BACON!  

The nice lady then became The Nice BACON Lady. 

Thank you, Nice BACON Lady, for coming to visit, for telling us we were Supermodels (well, in my case, since I have to be different--a Saucy Model), and for bringing us our first BACON!!  
Then we found out she was The Daily Puglet's human.

Puglet--we are ONE with the BACON!

April 3, 2013

M.I.N.A (Missing In Non-Action)

We've been hibernating through this really cold and windy "spring."  We don't get long walks and we don't go to too many interesting places.  So...that's why we've been so silent here.  In case you've forgotten what we look like....

And here's another one...you can see how excited we are (NOT!)

We hope to have some really interesting things to tell you after next week.  Guardian said we're supposed to have a special visitor on Thursday.  But unless it involves food, playing with our 'Cuz balls, food, gentle people who stroke us and food, we don't really care.

I know this is really boring to read...and we're only showing you how it's been for us the past umpteen days.

If you have any interesting stories to tell, we'd love to hear them.  We're fresh out of our own.  Maybe we can borrow yours?