November 12, 2017


Chica:  I'm gonna talk about the places we go where kids read to us. We go to a school where Guardian has told us little kids in grade 2 (not sure what that means) read to us.

Guardian makes these paper things that get stuck in a book.  They have pug pictures on them (us, of course).  Here's the latest one, she told me to show:

Sometimes I try to go faster to get to the kids, but then I'm still in the same spot. 
The floors are scary because they are slippy. 
But once I get to the kids, I'm happy. They have these little rug things so I don't slip.
I even leave my tongue out, 'cuz there are more smiles when I do. That makes me happy, too! Guardian is so happy because we help kids learn to love to read.

But when I leave, I know they will remember me because pictures of me and Gus are stuck in a book!

Gus here: 
Here I am at Abington Library. These 2 boys like me and they are smart. Good readers, too!

Here I am again at Abington, but the kids have already read their books to me and left.  These are the books with not so many words that kids can choose to read to us. Sometimes we bring our books with pugs in them.

P.S. In case you didn't notice--I didn't want Chica to have the last woof here....