March 15, 2017


Gee, we haven't been around much lately since I became a real, official Therapy Pug Dog.  Our Guardian has been crazy busy, and her fingers were full of writing many other words.

But this day is IMPORTANT! (or so Gus told me...he's now a 10 Bone Birthday boy).

Someone said a birthday is a day to have a party. Well there aren't many parties around here, especially since the outside is like this...

Guardian says people don't like to drive in stuff like this.  Gus and I don't like trying to find a place to, well, "go" in this stuff.  It's cold and makes our feet icy and wet, and we slip and slide.

It was warm inside, so for my birthday, Guardian gave me a fun bath.  Maybe getting all wet is not so great, but then we play "find it."  She leaves treats for me to find, and I'm so proud when I sniff them out!
This treat was hidden in a toy!

Then, my special not-to-eat treat was a new "Cuz Ball." Guardian says it's pink, but what's that?  It's just great because it squeaks and moves and bounces crazy when she throws it. I like how it feels in my mouth, too.
It's been a great 5 bone birthday!
But we're all tired out from it....ZZZzzzz....