January 21, 2017

Doggone Good Readers LOVE Chica

Chica:  What can I say?  I was a bit worried when I came to this book place. It was my first time there. Guardian told me the kids would love me, but I wasn't sure.  It was a sort of cold day--Guardian said it was the last month of the year.  Don't know what that means, but maybe you do?

Guardian made me wear a coat, and I got too hot indoors wearing it.  But you can see my famous tongue (Guardian calls it my "lizard" tongue!), I needed to stick it out to help me cool off.  I may not be the smartest pug ever, but I sure know I'm NOT a lizard (Uh...can somebody tell me exactly what that is?!)

Hey kids, can you find the books about pugs in the pictures?

I was tired after we finished.  But I knew I was well loved by all who met me. That's my purpose in life--to give and get love.  And to be kind to others.  Oh, and I helped a bunch of kids practice their reading.  Not too shabby!

Gus claims he can read after helping so many kids with their reading...How many kids will it take to teach me to read, Gus?