January 25, 2013


Sigh...more of that 4 letter word white stuff. This was at 4 PM when the first flakes starting salting the earth.

Then this was at 4:30 PM.

This was it in action (Guardian speaking):

Gus and I are hiding because we hate this wet, cold, grass-covering, delicious-smell-reducing-stuff, starts sticking.  We may need to "go," but we aren't eager to leave our warm spots.

I mean, just two days ago we spotted a ROBIN in the leafless tree in front of our home. Yeah, I know it just looks like a tree leaf that is clinging for dear life to the branch.  But take our word for it....it WAS there.  Crazy, huh?

Gus: I'll even stay in this broken leg looking pose and pretend I'm asleep not to have to get a coat on and deal with no grass.

Wake me when it's spring!

January 18, 2013


It's been so dreary and wet and rainy for so long that Guardian said Seattle had come to visit.  Well, we don't really know who or what Seattle is.  Sure isn't a person or a dog or else we would have met.  But she showed us the photos she was going to use today, and Gus and I are scratching our ears trying to figure out where Seattle is.
She opened the door to the deck and we looked out.  Seattle?

Seattle?  I just ate something yummy...I'd love to share it with you.
I don't care where Seattle is....I'm cold and I hate rain.  What am I doing out on the deck?

This went on for a while. It was still rainy and cold and we were in our usual rainy, cold day routine, up, walk, play with Guardian and toys, eat, sleep, walk, treats, sleep, eat, walk, treats, play, sleep, walk, sleep much longer....you know, all that boring stuff (except the meals, treats and play..oh and sniffing during walks--not too shabby). Every time we went out for a walk, though, we looked for Seattle.  Nada!  When the doorbell rang, no one but a box.

Today, though, there was this yellow brightness on the deck.
But we didn't go out there looking for Seattle.  I sure wouldn't anyway.  Here's why. And this was like when the sun was shining right on that thing, after Guardian ate her second meal.

Then Guardian said, "Well GOODBYE, Seattle.  Go away Arctic!"

We're still confused.  Does anyone know Seattle and why Guardian never introduced us? 
And who the heck is Arctic?!  
She sure doesn't seem very welcoming to either of them.

January 6, 2013


Gus here:  Yogurt..not much..but I'll find it.

Coming up for air.
Oh Yeah..Yogurt is yummy!

So this is how Jazz buries into her yogurt cup.

Man, she's still at it...no surfacing for air..She's got skills!

 Geesh...licking out empty yogurt containers just wiped me out...seems as if Jazz is just looking for more.
Like I said...she has skills!

January 1, 2013


Well, for those of you who are Happy with the New Year coming...all the more power to you. For one, we're not so sure.

I mean, when the sun had been gone a long time and it was even colder with the snow bits scattered everywhere, we were just settling in for a winter's night's sleep, when ---BOOOM!  BOOM! CRASH!  BOOOM! sounds were coming from outside somewhere.  Gus, who barks at about every strange noise, hardly barked, though, which was a blessing.  He was too tired and 75% asleep.  I, who hate any noise except for kibble spilling into my bowl or the words, "Puppy...come...TREAT!," was ready to slink upstairs and crawl into a quiet, dark and soft spot.

Guardian acted like it was any ordinary day...but ordinary days don't have all that noise late at night. So something was up.

Then we heard that our country has one foot dangling over a cliff, and the other on a slippery slope. Is this a way to begin a New Year?  I want to go back to the old one...well except for all that absurd stuff about an election.

 And then...Guardian dressed us up in this ridiculous stuff...I mean, really, should a dog look like THIS--even a pug!?

Really? A 70's Peace Symbol?!
Tails on a PUG?! (I mean non curly ones.)

We sure look like a happy couple, don't we?    NOT!!
Proving once again how lame a photographer she is.

But I guess a New Year (with a 13 in it) and hanging on the edge of a cliff can make people do crazy things.  That's so unlike pugs (ha-ha)--we just want a good routine that includes food, water, loving, exercise and outside trips.  People get so complicated!

Anyway....Guardian also made this stamping collage, with a picture of my Aunt Molly, who passed away in 2008.   She came back in this form to show how she feels about dressing up pugs.  I knew you and I had more than some genetic stuff in common, Molly....Attitude!

After all this, like that silly pug in the picture above (even with stupid decorations on her head and whatever that is in her mouth), we still want to wish all of our readers a very Happy, Healthy, Food-Filled 2013!!