October 23, 2015


Guardian has been fussing over me all day.  On the deck she gave me a very special chew bone.  She usually gives me a pig ear, but this was a real bone.  Something's up.
Anyway, I never look a gift bone in the jaw. Excuse me while I put my jaw on this bone.
Then she took my picture while I was on the sofa next to a piece of paper.  That was sorta different.

Then after the treadmill and dinner, she sort of ignored me, so I thought the odd stuff was over.  We watched some TV and I got under some soft covers and pushed against her.  
Then we went upstairs to her office room and she gave me this:
And then this is what I did...
What's this?
This is for me???
I'll just have to taste it a bit...
Yeah...now that's one chewed up yummy bone!

Whatever this day was, I'm fine with it!