July 17, 2013


You know Guardian told us last year that we had a wet visit from Seattle. We never got to meet Seattle.  Well, now she's saying Death Valley is visiting us.  We were willing to meet Seattle, but this Death Valley sounds pretty...well...deadly.

So, we are basically doing summer hibernating.

Although I'm starting by hiding.

Then I tried to hibernate, but I kept my eyes open.  Didn't want Death to creep up on me.

Jazz, you worry too much.  Let me show you how Death will not care about you. Just play being not alive.

 I could get used to this, Gus.
Well, if Death wants to meet us, we'll both meet 'em together...joining forces....battling Death.....ZZZZzzzzzzzzz
But........are you sure we should be sleeping at a time like this?