October 23, 2014


JAZZ HERE: Hope you didn't expect some witty things in this post. Not too much comical about getting older now.  

It’s birthday time again--for Gus, not me!  Now Gus and I are both officially “senior pugs.”  Of course, I’ve been one of those for 3 years now, and it’s not so bad. I get to sleep longer.  I can still put Gus in his place when he gets too...well, just too too.  We’ve both gotten to the “black and white” pug coloring now. You can see how we’ve earned our senior status below.  And that's not so funny.
Gus age 3 2009

Gus age 8 2014

Also, Guardian has him on some different food, so she gave him some cans of it for his BD.  We’re both on a “wolf” diet now.  Like all meat mostly.  He can’t eat things like rice and beets and salmon and had to cut back on carrots, or his hair falls out.  Didn’t leave much for him to eat, so Guardian switched us both. I mean, Gus sure loves his eats.  Even more now that he thinks he's a wolf.

His hair looks really good, if I do say so (and I do say so, like always)...and none of those white flakes all over his hips. Now, he just has some white hairs there instead.  He's earned those, living with me plus time.

Hey, eating meat is fine with me...I like snarfing up ancestral eats just fine.  I'm still a meaner wolf than he is...except if I try to eat his food from his bowl.  That's when his inner wolf REALLY shows up!

 I did get dressed up a bit for him. Other than that...well, I’m not really a gift giving sort of pug!  Gus would have said something here, but he's too busy stuffing his mouth and growling if we get too close.
I offer you the gift of my company, Gus!

October 19, 2014


Yeah, yeah, we know.  Our blog has been asleep for a loooooooooooooooong time.  Don't blame Me and Gus, though.  We dictated and dictated and dictated until we could dictate no more.  All fell on Guardian's ignorant, deaf ears. We tried writing it ourselves....but the only thing closest to writing we could manage was some punctuation.
CommaTose Jazz
Parenthetical Pugs
We'll keep doing our dictator efforts, though.  Stay logged in!