April 5, 2017


So Guardian has been taking me to a building that's filled with kids. Guardian told me it was a "school" where children go to learn lots of things. There are people called "tee-churs" who help them learn.  She also said these kids were going to read to me--words from a book.  I know about books--remember the library where kids read to me, too? She said it helps them to read better and better because they love to read to a dog.

We walked down a long, slippery floor (I do NOT like it!). I stop and just try to flatten myself  because I'm afraid of it.  Guardian does pick me up, and we get to a spot where the walkway just....stops...

Guardian spreads out something we can sit on, and I have a special blue rug that doesn't slip around.
We waited and waited and waited....where ARE those kids? Then they started coming---two at a time--and they had books with them.  They read the words to me, and I loved to listen.  Of course, I gave them my cutest look and tried to lick them (Guardian doesn't like me to do that, but I just can't help it!)

They don't stay long...we have lots of kids coming, so everybody needs a turn. Finally, the last two kids came out.  I was just SO happy they read to me.  I feel much smarter now!  Well, I guess that's what school does!

Guardian says these school kids are called "stoo-dents" or something like that.  I feel like a "stoo-dent", too!  Don't I look smarter to you?  Or maybe if the kids learn how to read better, I'm a "tee-chur"!  What do you think?  "Stoo-dent"
or "tee-chur"?