February 24, 2014


So you know we're having the winter from hell here.  It's not that we have the most snow ever...it's that just when we think there's no more, Wham! we look out the door and the sidewalk that was sidewalk color is then white.

Well, the last few days the snow mountains that looked like this
Yeah, we know it runs into the words over there...well it's run into our lives like that!

have turned to this

You remember seeing us like this
complete with yellow snow everywhere.  Then, it went to this

We didn't care where the snow went--just glad it's melting.  YIPPEE!

Then even though another pretty lady on TV told us how much snow we'd had already (like, the biggest number there--more than Alaska!), we knew that we were--YIPPEE #2!--watching it melt away.
Until she showed us THIS picture
Do we see that s*** word again!?  And because Guardian is layering us up again in coats, even in the house, we figured no more melting mountains.

February 11, 2014


As if you guys didn't know...yeah...don't play dumb on my account. I've earned every one of my white-gray hairs.  I was Molly's therapy dog when she got sick.  I tolerated Gus coming into MY house.  And I put up with Guardian leaving me behind way too much.
Gus and I would have eaten them all if we were in the picture!

But I think Guardian went pretty much all out for this birthday. I mean, she actually made real dog cookies. She knew she had to put fake pugs around it for the picture.
11 Bone Cookies
I wasn't too sure about all this hoopla, though, especially that red whatever-it-is I have on.
Then Gus wished me Happy 11 bones:
And I started to feel better about it.
Except for Guardian making me wear that tu-tu dress (what she called it).  So I said that if I had to wear something no pug should ever have to wear, then Gus had to wear something un-pug-like, too.
And, 'cuz it was my special 11 Bone Day, I got to un-wear that dumb tu-tu, and Gus was stuck with a BOW-wow TIE. Actually, I think he looks sort of extinguished in it.  Is that right....? (I think I was asleep when I was learning about words as a puppy.) Guardian thinks it's because I'm old and maybe my brain doesn't work right....harumph....that's something like a pot and kettle and something black...you know what I mean?

February 3, 2014


We thought that spring had come the other day...we walked all the way around the main road--not a speck of snow on the sidewalk.  Snow was disappearing from the along the sidewalk, and there was real grass there.  Gus didn't even have to wear his coat, but I still wanted mine.  It was night. It was still chilly for a pug with no hair on her tummy.

Guardian forgot to use her camera phone when the sun was up, but these will have to do as the BEFOREs.
From front door..clear sidewalk & driveway.
Sidewalk clear for our walk...see the grass, too?

From basement door
And then.....we got up this morning and what happened??
View from our front door!
Where's the sidewalk? Where's the driveway?

Here's what it looked like out our basement door.

And where there wasn't snow, there was MUD!

Gus here: Quit whining, Jazz. Guardian threw a bridge over the mud.
And I found my spot in the snow.
This is what you should NOT eat.
What more do you want?

Seems as we won't be able to. The pretty TV lady said this tonight:
Guardian found this on another pug blog (http://www.bahhumpug.com/--check it out!) and said this is what we looked like.

Darby says, "I think it's pretty and peaceful."  

That's why Darby's our friend--he sees the snow shovel half full.