March 11, 2019

In Memory of a Sweet, Shy Pug

Gus here.  You might have seen pictures of an older Satchmo, one of the pugs Guardian had since he was a cute, cute puppy.

But Satchmo went to live with Guardian's son when we moved into a place that allowed only up to 2 dogs per household.  At that point, Satchmo didn't see or hear well, but he had a big fenced yard where he could roam around without getting hurt. Chica and I would go there to visit him.  We loved to run around without a leash for once.
Then Stefan moved away to go to
school, and there was no place for Satchmo there.  He came to live with us for a few weeks, and by then he could not hear or see.  He was 17 1/2 years old!  We could tell Guardian was upset and sort of stressed when he had been with us a few weeks.

She told her son about that she would have to make other arrangements for his care.  Well, to get to the point--he went to live with a very nice lady who did something called "fostering."  A short time later, that nice person came home from work and Satchmo was very ill.  Guardian told us some of his legs didn't work right and that he was crying a lot because had a lot of pain.  Guardian told us that nice person took him to an animal doctor.  Sadly, that doctor said Satchmo was very, very sick and in pain.  Even sadder, she said that Satchmo died not too long after getting so sick.

Guardian told us that her son blamed her for Satchmo's death.  That was silly of him.We didn't understand that...he was sick and very old and lived with someone else.  How could Guardian have had anything to do with Satchmo's death? 

Satchmo and Norman at a Senior Living Facility
It's taken Guardian a long time to write about Satchmo and help us remember the good times he'd had. So we would like to honor him today. He was very sweet, very shy, and was a Therapy Dog for a short time and visited old people. They loved that he was gentle.  Guardian and other people were so amazed that he lived so long (17 1/2 years is really, really old).

Sweet, gentle Satchmo with puppy Jazz

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