October 25, 2018


Well, it's finally here.  Guardian keeps telling people about that birthday number. Something about what happened to Molly (I never met her) and Jazz after that birthday number showed up.

I have a lot more silver hairs now, but Guardian always says it makes me look extinguished...no dis something...whew... distinct?  Yeah, that's it!

I really don't have a lot to say today.  But I do know that Guardian is baking some special cookies now. 

Lately, though, I don't feel so strong.  Guardian took me to see some animal doc people. I got put on some liquidy stuff that helps me feel stronger. And we go to a place called WAG, where they torture me with little needles and some hot light.  I tried to bite the person who was torturing me. She doesn't do those needles anymore.  Now I walk in water while the earth moves beneath my feet. They also had me climb up on something shaky and I had to sit and stand and sit and stand.  I was really tired after my water walk and those other things yesterday.

But I did feel strong enough to play with one of my soft toys.  Guardian tries to steal it, but I'm always faster than she is.

Hah!  Try and take it from me..I dare you!

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