February 12, 2015


So yesterday was my 12 bone BD. Well, that's what I was told anyway.  I'm a bit creaky, but a stretch and a call to a meal or treat makes it all go away.  Have a few more gray hairs, but I think I am still quite the cute pug

Well, I wanted to ask about a cake:

Gus agreed--about no cake, not my cuteness.
Gus here: Guardian calls me handsome--it's better than cute

Gus: Even I wouldn't eat THAT cake! Can't even look at it.

Well, that's a lame cake...it's a bit shy of candles, doncha think?  I've earned every one of those 12 bones, and I want to be shown some respect. Plus, who wants to eat a photo!? Sheeesh!

Guardian said she doesn't bake cakes and thinks it's silly for a dog to have one.  I think she's just upset 'cuz she doesn't get cakes for her BD anymore. Of course, she is sort of dog-like, so maybe that's the reason she doesn't get a cake.  Or maybe it's just 'cuz Gus can't have rice or potatoes, soy, salmon or a gazillion other foods.  Not sure what they have to do with cake, though.

Then Guardian took us to the basement.  That's usually a sign of something good.

And it was:
Not a cake, but a good bone will do!


Finally-something to celebrate!

December 23, 2014


Gus here.  Traveled in the car crate a very long way from our cold place to a warm one.  We stopped at places that had new smells.  We lived in a place that had one room, two beds, my food and water and crate.  Oh, and a TV.

We had to ride in a small room that went up and down to get there.

Every day we took the crate to the car and rode to a place where there were lots of people and dogs.  Guardian seemed excited and happy.
Every day we took a walk with all those people and dogs.  It was hot and one day I had to go to a cooler place away from the walk.  I had a funny coat that helped me stay cool sometimes, and I liked to walk with Guardian and all those other people and dogs.  They became my pack.

Cool coat, eh?
I met a man who was different somehow from other people I have met.  He gave me some food, and I was REALLY excited!  I love food and no one better get between me and my food! But then he made me stop before eating without yelling or jerking my leash. He made a funny noise, though. I just had to obey, but it was ok.  He was nice, but just different.  I liked him.
He also spoke to Guardian and things began to change at meal time. Not fun.
What was fun was this:
Yeah, that's me and some sheep.  I eat lamb sometimes, but just chasing these sheep was SO much FUN! I didn't want to eat them.  
And all these people came up to me and started petting me and telling me how amazing I am.  I'm just a pug, though. Still, I sometimes herd sheep and that's when I turn into a Border Collie, (only not as smart, Guardian says). That's OK, 'cuz it was JUST SO MUCH FUN!
Pure JOY!

Jazz here. I just have to add my take on all this.  I was NOT happy being left behind, although I knew the people and animals where I stayed.  But I came home with some itchy critters called fleas.  For days I had to stay away from everyone. Now it's OK and the fleas are gone. But don't ever do that again to me!

October 23, 2014


JAZZ HERE: Hope you didn't expect some witty things in this post. Not too much comical about getting older now.  

It’s birthday time again--for Gus, not me!  Now Gus and I are both officially “senior pugs.”  Of course, I’ve been one of those for 3 years now, and it’s not so bad. I get to sleep longer.  I can still put Gus in his place when he gets too...well, just too too.  We’ve both gotten to the “black and white” pug coloring now. You can see how we’ve earned our senior status below.  And that's not so funny.
Gus age 3 2009

Gus age 8 2014

Also, Guardian has him on some different food, so she gave him some cans of it for his BD.  We’re both on a “wolf” diet now.  Like all meat mostly.  He can’t eat things like rice and beets and salmon and had to cut back on carrots, or his hair falls out.  Didn’t leave much for him to eat, so Guardian switched us both. I mean, Gus sure loves his eats.  Even more now that he thinks he's a wolf.

His hair looks really good, if I do say so (and I do say so, like always)...and none of those white flakes all over his hips. Now, he just has some white hairs there instead.  He's earned those, living with me plus time.

Hey, eating meat is fine with me...I like snarfing up ancestral eats just fine.  I'm still a meaner wolf than he is...except if I try to eat his food from his bowl.  That's when his inner wolf REALLY shows up!

 I did get dressed up a bit for him. Other than that...well, I’m not really a gift giving sort of pug!  Gus would have said something here, but he's too busy stuffing his mouth and growling if we get too close.
I offer you the gift of my company, Gus!

October 19, 2014


Yeah, yeah, we know.  Our blog has been asleep for a loooooooooooooooong time.  Don't blame Me and Gus, though.  We dictated and dictated and dictated until we could dictate no more.  All fell on Guardian's ignorant, deaf ears. We tried writing it ourselves....but the only thing closest to writing we could manage was some punctuation.
CommaTose Jazz
Parenthetical Pugs
We'll keep doing our dictator efforts, though.  Stay logged in!

June 16, 2014


People say pugs do weird things with their bodies.  I don't know.  I might sleep with one eye open while sitting.

Or sleep with my head up while lying down.
Or try to use Gus as a sleeping pillow.....
Yeah, not very successfully.

But Gus can really do some weird things with his body.
Melting pug look
Or this...
Broken leg look
And this...
Who sleeps with his back paws under his muzzle?

But why would any comfort-loving pug ever want to sleep like this!?  Honestly, how he fits in this world as a pug, I'll never know!

May 23, 2014


Hey, didja see our last post?  It was really to enter a contest that library-bus was having.  And...oh yeah...guess who won!!
Well, I see that they've added a new name to mine....June.  June Jazz...sort of catchy, huh? 

We've never won anything before, so we asked Guardian what a "Zoo" was and what I (and Gus) would be doing there.  She said it is a place where people come to look at animals up close.  Most are animals from the wild and are in cages to protect them and us. They don't live with people normally. 

This sounded exciting, but then why was I going to be there? I mean, I live with wild-pug Gus, but both of us live with a human.  And I definitely do not live in a cage.  Hmmmm...but Gus sleeps in a crate.  Isn't that sort of a cage?

Guardian:  Silly Jazz.  You and Gus can't go to a Zoo.
Jazz:  Why not?  I mean it's named after me.
Guardian: But the only animals there are ones that live there.  Some were hurt and came there to be healed.  Then they couldn't go back to the wild.
Jazz:  I'm confused. You mean, my name is on the paper, but I can't even go to someplace that's named for me!!?? I mean, we pugs won the prize, didn't we?
Guardian: Give it a rest, Jazz.  Your name is also a kind of music.  And June is a month that comes after May.  So the music, Jazz, is coming to the zoo in June. Not you.
Jazz: Hahrumpf!  Humans are so weird!