July 17, 2016


Whew! I pant and pant and pant on a walk trying to get cool.  Guardian told me a doctor fixed some of my body parts to make it easier to breathe.  Maybe so, but when I walk out the door with Gus for a walk, I still pant and pant.

When I came in from a walk today, I found a really cool spot.

There was a lot of cool air coming out of this thing on the floor, but it wasn't all that comfortable lying on that hard thing.

I had to move a bit to get comfy, though. Pugs like to lie on soft things, but a girl's gotta do what she has to do to take away her hotness!

Today, Guardian came up with a new idea for cooling me on a walk.

She called it a "Chilly Buddy" coat.  It was really made for Gus a while ago, so it was sorta too long for me. Well, it just made me cooler, 'cause it covered more of me. Guardian stuck it in water first and when she put it on me, I didn't pant at all
--well for the first block anyway.  But I got used to it and now I don't mind wearing it at all!

Here's Gus wearing it when Guardian told to me he did something called "herding" sheep in a hot place. 
I guess those funny whitish animals are sheep?

Anyway, thanks, Gus for sharing your cooling coat!

My what???

July 9, 2016


Chica here:  I am officially smart!!

Gus here:  Well, you aren't the only pug in the house who's smart.

And I've been smarter much longer than you.  You gotta a LOT of catching up to do!
You aren't a real Therapy Dog yet, either!

You really know how to hurt a girl...

I'm sorry...guess I'm not all that smart, am I? I've got a bunch still to learn...

That's OK Gus.
I love you anyway!

June 8, 2016


Guardian takes me to this place that has all these great food smells and toys.  But I don't get to eat or play. I get put into this thing.

So I had to explore. All sorts of dog and other smells here.  

Then water comes from this...

And next thing I know I get wet, then there's some smelly stuff that gets rubbed into me. Then the water again, and now I'm still all wet!

Hey...you gonna leave me like this?!
Not sure I like this look...

Enough with the drying already!

So, what's next after this?

Time to go for a treat???  Maybe??

OK...this'll do!

May 24, 2016


I'm Chica here.  New to this place. Y'know, it is SO...strange.  I mean there's stuff I've never seen before.  Some just call me to explore.
Like this thing....whatever it is...

What about all this?!

I'm thinking I might....

What do YOU think....?

Uh-Oh.... I see "that look" from Guardian....Busted!

May 10, 2016


Don't bother me.
I'm hiding.

Why is she here?
I was doing just fine as an only pug.

She's in my sofa spot, doncha know?
And what's with that tongue??!
It's ridiculous!
Well, at least she doesn't try to steal MY bully stick!
Hmmm...guess I still get treats on the walk.
And she did stick up for me when Guardian did her human bark at me 'cuz I was barking at air.
Well...maybe I can share...

Just between you and me (yeah, I'm Chica)--
I knew I could win him over--just my Tongue in Chica way!!

April 12, 2016

Putty Pug

I was on top of the sofa, but wanted to get down to the seat place.

So I got down this far...
And sorta got stuck..,
But it wasn't too bad after all.  I mean, it's sorta my thing... I mean look at me and Jazz on another one of these bloggy things.  ( Guardian said to say "click on 'bloggy things' ")

March 31, 2016

Welcome Back, Sun!

It's been rainy with lots of wind lately.  But I found my sunny spot.  If you want to remember how good it feels to snooze in the sun, let me share my sunny spot with you:

Feels so good on my head

and on my shoulder and back
I think I'll take a nap soon

Bet you're feeling sleepy now, too!

and on my chest