December 17, 2011


When I, the insanely cute Jazz, started this blog (with some help from Guardian), it was very, very lonely.  Guardian told me that people can follow a blog.  I’m not quite sure if those people are on a leash when they follow, but it would be nice to see that humans don’t always have to be in the lead.  So, welcome Stratoz and Margaret.  What’s that?  Oh Guardian wants me to tell you that Stratoz and Margaret are very creative and make amazing things called Mosaics and Stained Glass.  Since they came to visit here and decided to stay and follow, I think it’s only fair to plug something called “Nutmeg Designs” on someplace called “etsy.”  (Human language is so strange!)  Guardian says Nutmeg Designs had nothing to do with real nutmeg or anything to eat.  Darn!  I was hoping (and I bet Gus was, too) they’d give us some free homebaked goodies.

But then Guardian showed me this and said it was one Nutmeg Design: 

 Well, all is forgiven, Stratoz  (Guardian told me that this person’s real name is Wayne) and Margaret.  Now, all I have to do is put on my cutest pug mug

and tell Guardian, this is really something we should add to the stuff that is already in our house.  I mean, it IS Christmas, and well…this is the time to gift others, right?  So, tell Santa to bring that Jazz down the chimney soon.


  1. Thank you for the warm welcome Jazzy Girl! I'm sorry we have no nutmeg filled treats for you, but I'm glad you found the jazz sign!

  2. Jazz, do you have a paypal account, otherwise let us know how to bill the Guardian????