October 12, 2016

NUMBERS...4, 12, 1, 9, 10, 25, AND A "SPECIAL 5"

Chica here: Guardian was talking with us about something called "numbers." We learned the number 4--4 legs, 4 toes, 4 years old (me!), and 4 outdoor walks (our favorite). I wear one Fancy Pants sometimes because I do what Guardian calls "whirligiging" on my bottom once in a while.  They look good on me!
4 legs, toes, 1 Fancy Pants

Gus's years' number is 9 now. He'll learn about 10 when he has his 10 bone birthday soon. Make sure you show up on something called October, number 25 to celebrate Gus's 10 bone birthday! Oh..there's another number--25!  Hey, I'm learning--but what's 25 mean anyway??!

All these 12 pugs are actually 1?? Wha..?
We were told the number 12 means how many parts (I think they are called "months"?) in 1 year--very confusing.  How does 12 = 1 anyway?

Today we also learned the number 5--that's because Guardian told us today is Pug Snort Report's 5 bone birthday. (Guardian says to click on that and you'll see the very first story on Pug Snort Report.) I don't know how many months that is, but I think it's a lot more than 12.

I never met Jazz, but Guardian said she started it all.
Yep, Jazz started it all

So we want to make sure you all know that, 'cause Jazz now lives only in Guardian's heart.    

Thanks, Jazz, for starting this.
Happy number 5 birthday, Pug Snort Report!

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