January 22, 2014


You know how we've had visits from Seattle and Death Valley. Well, now it's the Arctic.  We can't be polar bears, but we sure wish we were right now. Would make it much easier to go outside.  Let's get some numbers here to make it real for you.
Minus something
Yeah, minus 13 

Not sure what the minus means. Minus warm, is all we know.
Even inside the house, it was cold...for us, anyway. Anything lower than cozy is too cold. And it sure isn't cozy at any of those numbers.

And our deck is, like, really, really ugly right now.
Snow ugly deck

Somewhere under there are some bully sticks waiting for summer.

And things won't get better with time.
Yeah, the winds are whipping across the tundra here.  We may look prepared...
..but you can see how blurry we are. I think Guardian was so cold her hands made the phone camera shake.  I mean, we HAD to go out--nature calling can be so cruel sometimes.  Guardian wanted us to stand in that stuff with the wind blowing and the minus numbers so she could show everyone how miserable we were.

But we couldn't stand to stand......there...again
So we went back to bed...

Until nature calls again.....