March 7, 2013


Well, I may finally get my 10-bone birthday celebarkation after all. I'm not holding my stinky breath on that happening.  And it may not be until April, when Guardian has her ---uh--BD.  (Shhhhhhhhh...she doesn't want anyone to know that she's piling on another year!)

She thinks the 1000 pug lady photographer will be coming to celebark on her BD, and my BD may be part of that, but nothing is certain.  We sure know that, especially when we wonder when we will get our next walk after the morning ritual.  After breakfast, we never are sure when the next outing will be.

Guardian is once again taking those classes that happen on the computer--the stampy ones that put her in the basement where she forgets about us.

She did this really weird picture that doesn't look at all like those pretty ones above.
I mean, WHAT  IS THIS?  I thought it was just my eyes getting all blurry, but Guardian called it something like a baby's nightmare with stars or some silly thing like that. 

Then she showed us a couple of pictures she did with pugs in them and a Havanese like our friend and neighbor, Darby.  The first one actually has Molly in it.  She's the one right behind the black pug. Molly was my pug aunt and used to live with us until she went over the Rainbow Bridge.

I don't know who that boy is, but I can tell you those pugs aren't happy about him holding some dog that isn't them!
And one that has a dog, but not a pug.
Well, it's a good thing she didn't put a pug in THAT one!  I mean, how many pugs come when they're called anyway?  The cat thing--now that's true!