December 17, 2013

MERRY HOLIDAY SEASON--except for the S***!!

We have been busy trying to skate our way across the ice covered snow that's (dis)graced our landscape.  It ain't fun, guys.

But this snow is nuttin' compared to this a few years ago:
February 2010

December 2013

It's just that we haven't seen real grass and had a good variety of smells in what seems a LONG time. 

Anyway...we don't want to complain. Nope...we got all we need in our human house and even under our neighbor's deck
Our "business" haven in deep snow


This is our Holiday Card to all of you!!

We hope all of you enjoy peace, pug snuggle love (OK--any pet love--but pugs are the best at that snugly stuff, our HO-HO-HO--Humble Opinion cubed), and warm family and friend time now and on into 2014.

October 25, 2013


Well, it's Gus, of course, silly.  I'm already past my 7 bone birthday, like, 3 bones ago.
His 0 Bone Birthday was Oct 25 all those bones ago.
Yeah, he's behind me in birthday celebrations...but since he's such a PartyPug, he will always find more ways than me to celebrate anything. 
Gus has been my housemate since he was somewhere around 
 2 bones.  Wow! 5 bones he's lived here!  (You know I get all these "years" [really, it's bones, folks] information from Guardian, 'cause every day is today to dogs. People are always so into something way back or something way forward....instead of what's happenin' right now. That's why they're always so stressed out. Sadly, they never learn from us.). 
Gus, I guess you've passed my "are you good enough to be a housemate" test, so I'll go ahead and wish you....
but don't get too used to all this acceptance...keep rememberin' my mind can change in a paw swipe if you try to come between me and Guardian!

October 11, 2013


It's been too long since we sent anything out to the world.  Guardian's fingers and thumbs have been too busy with other projects.  Of course, we hate to be ignored by the world, so we made Guardian feel really, really bad about this.  And now we're back!

But we're catching up on things from the past...the summer to be exact.

It was Philly Livestrong Challenge time again in August.  In case you don't know what we're talking about, look here:

This is our third or fourth year, so I'm told, but each year we meet different people, so it's always a new adventure.  All I remember was that it wasn't as hot this year and it wasn't raining, either.

Before we went, we stopped to say Hi! to a good friend, Satchmo.  I (Jazz) used to live with him, but when Guardian moved, she could only have two dogs.  Molly was alive then, so Satchmo had to stay where he was.  But he's been a friend since I was really, really young.  He's a little older than I am, but I always was top pug.  He was OK with that...well he didn't really have a choice, now, did he?
That's Satchmo in the middle

We caught up on old times. We also told him where we were going.
Gee, you're older, Satchmo, but where's all the grey around your eyes like me!?
 I think he wanted to go with us, but he knew three's a crowd, so we headed on over to the Community College to see the Livestrong Village without him. 

There weren't as many people as we remembered, but there were still enough people we could tease into smiling.  The place people put up signs was just as crowded, though.

Still, even though we didn't leave behind as many smiles as we did before, we did something different.
We made the people in the photos smile!  Now that's our pug magic!

September 2, 2013


We were all excited to get to go on vacation with Guardian. She said we were going to some mountains and staying in Heaven. Wow!

We settled into our crate and three days later we got there....well really only 4 hours Guardian said. But have you ever traveled in a small enclosed place?  Time just doesn’t work the same way there. We did get one pee break, and we delighted in some new smells at that stop. That was good. Time was short, but normal there.

We finally got to Heaven.  Is this really what Heaven looks like?!  Looked like a small, old house to us.  With tall, tall trees all around. 

Guardian’s sister was there, too, which was nice...although I don’t think she really liked dogs all that much.  Oh well, we still liked her!

We did have a back yard we could run around in. But every time we went out, our paws got so muddy that Guardian spent a lot of time cleaning them.  That is NOT fun!
...and there was some kind of tub that was HUGE and covered and full of hot water on the deck.  A tub outside???
We never checked it out, nor did the humans. We only like our inside tub at home.

 This is what the road looked like.  We took a couple of walks, but Guardian wouldn’t let us get into the weeds along the road--she got really ticked off about maybe there were ticks there.  There was like NO ONE around except the trees and bugs and rain.

We got to go to a winery that liked dogs...
Pretty green hills at the winery
But we spent a lot of our days either sleeping while the people went out.  Or, sniffing in the backyard when they were home.

Gus: At home we always go out with our collars and leashes.  It’s the law.  But in this lawless place, I was confused.  Guardian walked out with us, but we had no collars, no leash.  I stayed on the deck at first and  thought maybe I was in jail.
Am I in jail?
These steps were weird.

Am I supposed to stay here?

Jazz: Silly pug...there’s a fence around the yard.  The fence is our collar and leash. I grew up with a big, fenced in backyard.  Try it, you’ll love running around and sniffing without Guardian tugging us away from some delicious smell!
 Gus: I hate to admit it, but she was right!

Jazz: Of course I’m right!

Our favorite spot, though, was on the sofa inside while Guardian and her sister watched TV.  It was just like we do with Guardian at home.  We’re not rough and ready dogs, like Labs or Beagles. Strictly sofa sluts!
There was a little excitement inside.  One night, the humans freaked out about this:

Especially when they saw this every morning:
 They couldn’t wait to get away from the wildness that snuck inside that little old house in the woods.

So, when our time was up, we all packed up and went home.  Guardian’s sister lives 4 hours away in a different place.  We never stopped on the 4 hours on our way home.  And when we got home, here’s what we did.  For 4......hours....straight....

August 10, 2013

Cute Klepto

Our friend, Darby, came to visit us a few days ago.  We were happy to see him, and he is healthy and getting less and less shy.  He is, in fact, getting downright bold!  Our Guardians were chatting and when Darby's Guardian was ready to leave....well, let's just say something was in Darby's mouth that wasn't there when he first came into our house.

His Guardian commanded him to drop it....but Darby stood fast and tried to cover up the evidence with his own face fur.

Darby's alter ego, "Klepto," was firmly in charge!  He left the house with it still in his mouth. We heard he carried it all the way home, and despite being thirsty from a hot day, he held fast to it at his home and when visiting the next door neighbor.

We didn't care....we have enough toys.  We were happy to share one with our friend--even though Gus and I seldom share toys with each other.  (Does that make us "not friends?"  Hmmmm...)

Gus decided he did want to play with the red bone after Darby returned it to us.

And Darby's Guardian let us know that Darby has learned a new lesson.

Best part----Gus and I became friends again because I had shared the red bone with him after Darby brought it back.
 That felt really right and good. It was nice to snuggle and sleep on top of him again.  Am I mellowing in my old age??

July 17, 2013


You know Guardian told us last year that we had a wet visit from Seattle. We never got to meet Seattle.  Well, now she's saying Death Valley is visiting us.  We were willing to meet Seattle, but this Death Valley sounds pretty...well...deadly.

So, we are basically doing summer hibernating.

Although I'm starting by hiding.

Then I tried to hibernate, but I kept my eyes open.  Didn't want Death to creep up on me.

Jazz, you worry too much.  Let me show you how Death will not care about you. Just play being not alive.

 I could get used to this, Gus.
Well, if Death wants to meet us, we'll both meet 'em together...joining forces....battling Death.....ZZZZzzzzzzzzz
But........are you sure we should be sleeping at a time like this?

June 27, 2013


Guardian recently took me to the short trip library that Gus usually goes to.  I just had to have a chance to be known there, since I'm the more experienced therapy pug in the family.
This is the first reader.  She just relaxed me.  
This is reader number 2. Can you believe she's only 5!  She read a book with sentences that had to do with some Sam dude.  She also let me see the pictures. That was a nice touch.
I had to sit up and take notice of that!

Lovely lassie number 3 didn't like dogs. Oh well, it happens.  I got to be in Guardian's lap for this one.
Reader 3 was a little shy here.

But she soon perked up.

No one can be shy around me for long! 
I'm just irresistible!!!!

June 10, 2013


Gus here.  I never get enough to eat.  No matter that my Guardian tells me my weight is perfect and the food I eat is very good for me.  I'm still always hungry.  So I'm trying something to encourage Guardian to feed me more often.  I blow bubbles for bounty.  You lots...lots of food...bounty of food.  Whatever.  I speak pug, not English, so sometimes you gotta interpret.

So here I am staring down my food bowl.  I bubble sometimes, and I know Guardian sometimes laughs and tells me my bubbles are funny.  I decided to give her the biggest bubble ever, especially if it meant I'd get more food.

Look at this's bigger than my nose!!!

But did it get me more food???

So, where's my bowl?  Where's my bounty??? 

Disappointed again :(