November 27, 2012


Yep, today was one of THOSE days.  You may think we mean bad words that get bleeped out of TV shows.  Well, not exactly, but we think a s*** day should be bleeped out as well!

Yeah, that cold, wet, slushy stuff that makes us crazy.  You may be a dog that likes s***.  Maybe you’re a husky or sled dog or one of those with hunting instincts or long hair.  You dogs probably have a long snout that can keep the rest of your face from getting all s**** and cold and wet, too.  Not us.   It’s important to get just the right smells to allow us to---uh-hmmm--do our business. But with the s***, we have to bury our faces all the way into that cold, wet stuff, and believe me, if you had a nose wrinkle, you’d want to avoid it, too.  Wet and nose wrinkle lead to all sorts of nastiness!

 You’ll see that only Gus gets a photo today in the s***.  That’s because I’m smart enough to do my business (smell or no smells) fast and get back into the house.  Gus can take F-O-R-E-V-E-R to get his job(s) done, so he was outside long enough for Guardian to catch him on camera.  He looks like he may be trying to taste some of that four-letter-word stuff.  But when he got back home, he told me he was really just sticking his tongue out at that bleepin’ stuff!

Now, I'm going back to my warm, dry, comfy spot.  Enough of that four-letter word today, please!

November 13, 2012


Gosh, we had two warm, mostly sunny days recently.  So Guardian took us to 3 parks in two days!   Here we are on our deck enjoying the warmth:

She forgot to snap photos of the first park because she was too busy talking to her friend who was too busy trying to hold on to her part-time dog (no, the dog itself is full-time, but was only part-time with Guardian’s friend) while we walked.  All I know is that it took WAY too long to get there, and lots of annoying whining from Guardian because the park she was looking for was missing.  Then her friend found it and it was closed because of mean Sandy.

Still, it was a good park with nice walking paths and a few grumpy people who didn’t like dogs to be there. We had a little bit of excitement when the part-time dog slipped its collar and raced around and around some picnic tables forever until her part-time dog sitter could finally catch her.  We thought the whole thing was very amusing, but no humans were smiling.

 Next day, we went to a very-short-ride-from-us park:

Here are some scenes you might enjoy like we did.

Here we are sniffing at what's left of a poor tree Mean Sandy knocked down

There weren’t many people at our first park, which disappointed us, but we had LOTS of new smells to keep our flat noses happy. 

Our last adventure was at that Fischer’s Park where we usually walk with our buddies Oscar and Otis and their people.  

 It looked really different because the trees were now mostly R-rated naked. And not many other people or dogs, so, really, it wasn’t much of an adventure. But it was great to be with Guardian and outside with even more new smells, so we went along with it.

This time we got to see the little waterfall with nobody else blocking our view.  Yeah, well, to be honest, we’re only interested in the ground smells, so it mattered more to Guardian than us.

 And the path looks kind of like the last park, but with little stones instead of smoothness, and more water along that path.

Guardian then found some of those HUGE mutant leaves we showed you in one of our earlier stories (LITTLE PUGS WITH BIG STUFF in October), only this time they were still on the tree sticks.  We couldn’t measure them or get close enough to them to show you their size, but maybe you can use your eyes to get an idea.

I’ll tell you, Gus and I were glad to be out of doors, wearing only our own fur coats instead of those fake-y fleece ones.  We didn't have to be left home in our boring house.  Guardian was with us. And she had treats!

So, back to the changes in weather-numbers.

Look at these numbers and you'll see for yourself the change.  This is Sunday's number.
And this was Monday's afternoon number:
This was the number at like right after lunchtime (Guardian's, not ours, 'cuz we don't get lunch)--it was like 36 when we got up.  And  see that “feels like” number?  Yeah, earlier it felt like....FREEZING, and I know that's a way lower number!
  Guardian keeps mumbling about the climate changing.  She says there's no real Spring or Summer or Fall anymore, or even no real Winter here last year.  I don't know much about that.  But I do there were two real Spring-Summer-like days, and then--BOOM---we're in Winter.  If that's what she's talking about, well, I guess I sorta know what she means.

How about you out there?  What do your guardian people think about the SPRING, SUMMER, FALL AND WINTER in your home area?  Do they think there's been big changes, too?   We only care because in this coldness, it takes Guardian a ridiculously long time to put on her outdoor clothes and shoes, and hat and earmuffs and scarves, and collect her phone and we have to wait, and wait, and cross our legs, and wait, and wait.  If there's less coldness, there's less waiting!  So if the climate gets warmer, well, we're all for it!

November 7, 2012


Gus and I were wondering--where have you been, Guardian?

We've been abandoned a lot, with just those stuffless toys to keep us company.

Being smart, I pieced this together:

There was this race. Not like a runner’s marathon, more like one those looooong bike races, especially the one in France every year. 

So the race started off with lots of runners.  Then it came down to a few, with the two front runners being the most obvious.  One of the top two stumbled, but then someone named Sandy came along. Sandy did horrible things, but the one runner raised money for the people who Sandy hurt, and that put the runner out front again.

Guardian was out a lot helping the one runner to race faster.  It worked.

I guess yesterday that front runner won the race. 

But unlike that French race, no drugs were taken to win.