February 24, 2012


It's been forever since Guardian wrote about us.  She's got a lot of typing to do to catch up, so I've been staring at her a lot. She knows what I'm thinking!

Gus and I want to introduce some of our other friends.  You all know about Darby (he's doing a LOT better, in case you're curious), but meet Oscar and Otis, two of our pug friends.

They came from the Delaware Valley Pug Rescue, where Gus came from. When they were up for adoption, they had to go together.  There was a home near us that wanted to adopt both of them. Guardian took us over to meet the family, Judy and Michael, before O&O came to live there.  They had a big house and an even bigger (to us, anyway) back yard.  Guardian had to check out the fence to make sure there were no holes for curious pugs (really!?) to sneak out, but she couldn’t find any.  Gus and I were able to run around and explore—although I generally am too busy showing Gus and everyone else who’s the top pug (and Guardian is forever pulling me off him) to sniff around much.

Anyway, Judy and Michael were the perfect home for O&O, especially since they’d already had two previous pugs.  They had adopted those pugs when they were seniors, too, so we all knew they had big hearts.  Here are O&O with their guardians.  Can you see their backyard—and that’s only a tiny part of it! 
Otis and Judy      Oscar and Michael
We’ve been to their nice yard, but we’ve been meeting them at a local park mostly, ‘cuz their backyard swims a lot in rain.  And I sure don’t like getting wet and muddy.  (What pugs out there love getting wet and muddy?  Raise a paw, please!  I think you're rare.)

Fischer's Park

Now, O&O are surely BIG pugs.  Not fat, just BIG!  So take a look here and you’ll see for yourself.

Oscar, Jazz, Gus, Otis

Oscar & Otis; Jazz & Gus in back

Those two are a lot of meaty pugs compared to us!

Since no one has extra hands to take pictures while we’re all walking, we can’t show us all in action together.  But here’s Pam, holding on for dear life while 30 lb Oscar is off on his park adventure.

We’ll have more adventures with O&O and their guardians in the future when the sun shines warmer and the rain doesn't try to wash their yard away.  Stay tuned!


February 11, 2012


So I'm told today is the day I came out of my mommy, Sadie. Well, not today, yeah, but 9 years ago. Of course, I don't remember that, but Guardian sure does.  She showed me this picture of me and two of my siblings at 6 weeks of age.
That's me on the right.  Crazy cute, aren't I?
And me again at 6 weeks. Just irresistible!
I came to live with Guardian two weeks later.  Here's the card she made me for today.

And here's me today...I've earned every one of those white/gray hairs, but I'm still pretty cute!

Guardian told me she had something special for me to play with and chew on today.  So enough blog writing.  It's MY birthday, and I'm going to enjoy what's left of February 11, 2012!

February 9, 2012


First of all, we'd like to welcome a new follower.  Hi Dolly!

Gus and I are so excited!  Guardian showed us the latest issue of PugTalk Magazine, and our blog got almost a whole page in it as a mini-article!

Here’s the cover of the January/February 2012 issue:
If any of you want to subscribe to Pug Talk, you’ll see the yellow box around the contact information in the Table of Contents below. Guardian told us it’s mostly about pugs that trot around the show ring and get judged for their looks.  But there are lots of other articles..like about pug health, pugs in other countries, pug agility, even dancing with pugs.  But if you aren’t one of those show trot pugs, and if any of your Guardian humans want to submit articles about YOU as just a lovable pug with some interesting stories, they often print them.   Then lots of pug people would read about you, and you’d be really, really famous, even without a blog!

And here’s the Table Of Contents.  Guardian drew the box around what page to go to.
And, finally, here’s what they printed:

I think the title of this cartoon strip is THE WORLD...

February 6, 2012


Now, you may not, but we LOVE bath time! Because Gus stinks faster than I do, we have to have baths pretty often. So loving baths--- a good thing.  I’m a pretty naked pug—only one layer of coat and a very bare chest and belly.  So there’s not much to get dirty.  Gus is almost 4 pounds bigger (that’s a lot in pug pounds, remember) and has more hair.  Plus he’s a boy, and even though he lost some of his parts a while ago, he starts to stink pretty quickly, even after a bath.  

Anyway, like I said, we really love bath time—mainly because we get treats while we’re in the tub and then we play with our ‘Cuz Squeaky Balls afterwards.  Tonight was one of those nights.  Thought we’d share some of what happens.  If you hate baths, maybe you need to ask your Guardian to change a few things so you, too, can love them.
Here's our bath place--sort of afterwards. 

Our shampoos.

I get the Tropiclean only.  Gus gets ‘em both, cause he has some skin problems.

Here’s where all the goodies are.  Treats in the center, our 'Cuz Balls in the other pockets. Guardian wears this.  This is when we wish we were Irish Wolfhounds so we could empty those pockets quickly! We're just WAY too short to do it as pugs.

I get in the tub first.
I’m the easiest and quickest.  I planned it that way, so I can get to play with my orange 'Cuz ball faster.

Gus is next.  He’ll talk about his bath time in the tub next. (I’m outside the bathroom playing with the ball, so I don’t know what goes on in there.)
Gus here. Yeah, I get washed, rinsed, soaped again, and then the fun begins!
This is me getting treats in one place.
Then I go to two other treat stops.

I just keep racing from one to the other, because treats magically appear. I’m gettin’ really fast at this, too!  That goes on for a while, and then I get the second shampoo rinsed off and the treat fun stops. But different fun is comin'!

Jazz again here.  We each get dried off after the washing and rinsing. That’s not all that much fun.  But, hey, we know ball-time is getting closer. Like I said earlier, I get my ball first and mainly love to chew on it.  Gus and Guardian go in another room and Gus chases balls that squeak. Guardian says he slobbers on them, too, so she has to use a second ball so she can dry the slobbered ball off while he’s slobbering up another one.  Otherwise the squeak becomes silent.   I got smart and now like the non-squeaky one, ‘cause Gus doesn’t try to steal that from me.  I hide in another room mostly, chewing and pretending the ball is hiding, then digging like crazy to find it, but I like it that way.  I’m unique.

This is what’s left for Guardian. It’s our gift to her:

And this is what she’d like to become after Bath and Ball Time are OVER.

So, if any of you pugs out there hate baths--maybe you could have your Guardians read this post.  Sometimes humans need to be educated properly.  But let us know if it works!