February 12, 2015


So yesterday was my 12 bone BD. Well, that's what I was told anyway.  I'm a bit creaky, but a stretch and a call to a meal or treat makes it all go away.  Have a few more gray hairs, but I think I am still quite the cute pug

Well, I wanted to ask about a cake:

Gus agreed--about no cake, not my cuteness.
Gus here: Guardian calls me handsome--it's better than cute

Gus: Even I wouldn't eat THAT cake! Can't even look at it.

Well, that's a lame cake...it's a bit shy of candles, doncha think?  I've earned every one of those 12 bones, and I want to be shown some respect. Plus, who wants to eat a photo!? Sheeesh!

Guardian said she doesn't bake cakes and thinks it's silly for a dog to have one.  I think she's just upset 'cuz she doesn't get cakes for her BD anymore. Of course, she is sort of dog-like, so maybe that's the reason she doesn't get a cake.  Or maybe it's just 'cuz Gus can't have rice or potatoes, soy, salmon or a gazillion other foods.  Not sure what they have to do with cake, though.

Then Guardian took us to the basement.  That's usually a sign of something good.

And it was:
Not a cake, but a good bone will do!


Finally-something to celebrate!