October 23, 2015


Guardian has been fussing over me all day.  On the deck she gave me a very special chew bone.  She usually gives me a pig ear, but this was a real bone.  Something's up.
Anyway, I never look a gift bone in the jaw. Excuse me while I put my jaw on this bone.
Then she took my picture while I was on the sofa next to a piece of paper.  That was sorta different.

Then after the treadmill and dinner, she sort of ignored me, so I thought the odd stuff was over.  We watched some TV and I got under some soft covers and pushed against her.  
Then we went upstairs to her office room and she gave me this:
And then this is what I did...
What's this?
This is for me???
I'll just have to taste it a bit...
Yeah...now that's one chewed up yummy bone!

Whatever this day was, I'm fine with it!

September 7, 2015


I've suddenly become old.  I know what I said in the last post, but there's been a BIG change.
I feel old and tired.

First of all, I had the most awful poops.  All runny and watery and all the time.  I was embarrassed I went in the house.  I just couldn't hold it anymore.

Then one night I got all weird and didn't know up from down.  Guardian later said she thought I was having a fit, but that wasn't it. Something about old dog dizzy something. She rushed me to the animal hospital.  I stayed over that night.  Next day, I got poked and prodded and needles stuck into me.  I stayed over another night.  Then I was taken to strange machines and made to lie a certain way.  It was not fun.

I stayed another night. Guardian came to see me, and even though I knew it was her, I couldn't figure out why she was there, but nothing else looked like home.
Where Am I?

Finally, she came to take me home. I now knew up from down. But I still had those liquid poops. I didn't like the chicken/rice stuff Guardian was told to make for me.  Too boring.  I got really weak and my ribs and other bones started showing because I wasn't eating the food.  Finally, she got me some kibble she said wouldn't make my insides hurt.
Gus tried to comfort me

I'm so happy to be home, but I still don't feel like myself.  I still want to play with my squeaky, no stuffing toy, but I get really tired faster.
I can't jump up on the sofa most of the time.  My back legs don't seem to work right, and I'm pretty weak.  I still have "pureed poop," as Guardian calls it, but I can hold it for a few hours.  When Guardian takes Gus and me out, I don't like walking as far as we usually do.
I will only sleep next to Guardian's bed
And now I am feeling old and tired.  I hope this sickness goes away soon.  I heard something like "ibd" or something.  They told me that I have what my friend the Havanese Darby has.  Well, he has a longer snout and fluffy white hair, so I know I don't have that.  Guardian says he eats what I am eating now.
She also shoves some pill down my throat (I HATE that!) at night. She keeps telling me that will end soon.

What I really miss is not being taken to the library where there are kids.  I love kids.  They cheer me up.  But Guardian says I'm not allowed to be around the kids right now.  That makes me feel even older and sadder.
These were my best days.

Guardian here:  Sadly, VERY sadly, this was Jazz's last post.  She got even sicker as each day went by.  In the morning of July 24, she suddenly collapsed and was unconscious.  I rushed her to our vet.  My wonderful little Jazz was in shock and comatose.  Her besieged body just gave up. She never regained consciousness, and passed away that afternoon.  She was only 12 and was seldom sick in those 12 years, so you can imagine our shock at losing her. 
Too old, tired and sick to do much but sleep

Gus will be taking over the blog from here.  He's not too wordy, so allow him time to learn how & what to dictate.  I am too bereaved to write more about this. But please check back...Jazz was the inspiration for Pug Snort Report.  Her spirit will live on in our heart, soul, and memories.
Her last resting place. We all miss you terribly, Jazz.

June 30, 2015


Gus and I used to be all black pugs.  But somehow we have become "silverized."

Silver is precious and shiny.
Gus: I have silver paws.

Maybe that's why people are always asking how old I am.  What's this "old" thing?  Sure, I like to sleep a lot (are there pugs who don't?).
I like sleeping in the warm sun

Sure, I may not like to walk as far as Gus (that's because he's always stopping and peeing on things--so annoying!). Sure, it's hard to see as good as I used to. And if I can't see what's making a noise, I may leave the room.  Something may be sneaking up on me, and it's just smart to leave in that case.

But you should see me when we come in from our morning walk.  I play longer and better with my many-squeakered toy than he does.  Does he want to jump over Guardian's legs while holding on to his toy?  No.  Does he let Guardian come up close to him and whirl him around with his toy in his mouth--well sometimes, but not as good as I do.
Yeah, I'm just getting started with this toy!

Does he settle in and chew on the squeakers inbetween whirls?  No, because he's lost a lot of the squeakers when he shakes the life out of his toy. He's a one trick toy player--so boring.
I'm tired--can I go pee on something?
Maybe people should not just look at my silver and instead watch my actions before they think I'm too ancient!
C'mon, Gus, no more peeing--let's play!

June 9, 2015


We have another doggie friend named Logan we met a while ago.  We haven't mentioned her here yet, though, because we don't see her very often like we see Darby.  She's little--like us--but she was kinda shy for a long time.

We tried to look friendly without being over the top friendly.

As you can see here, this seemed to work:

Here is Logan smiling with her cheerful Guardian.

I couldn't help smiling with them.

Me, too

Maybe Logan's Guardian will now go on some of our pack walks.  We asked her.

Uh-Oh,  Logan doesn't look quite ready for that!

May 14, 2015


Gus and I met Oscar and Otis a while ago.  We even wrote about visiting with them where they lived and walking with them in a park.
Otis and Oscar and their Guardians

We haven't seen Oscar in a long time, but we did walk with Otis not too long ago. We were having such a good time, we didn't realize Oscar wasn't walking with us.

Then we found out why.

Guardian told us he got very, very, very sick one day.  He fell down and couldn't get up.  His body started jerking around and he never walked again.  Turns out he had something called PDE.  Guardian says it is a terrible, awful, dreadful disease that only pugs get.  There is no cure and really no medicine that helps for long.

Well, even though he's no longer with us, we want to remember him.

He was a huge--like 30 pounds. All muscle not fat. He loved to barrel into his buddy Otis, and then he thought Gus and I were just like Otis and he tried it on me. Well, I'm half his number of pounds, but I told him in no uncertain terms that he could NOT do that.  He was a very respectful pug and never again played rough with me.
Guess which one is Oscar? (Hint: BIG)
He loved fun and always looked for the fun side of life.  Maybe he was a bit goofy, but that's just what some pugs are like. He loved to take walks with Otis and us in a park.
Fischer's Park

Oscar's Ready for FUN!

We miss you Oscar. We want to remember you.  We want the world to remember you.
Please remember Oscar forever...He was a special friend.

Farewell good pug.

March 21, 2015


Guardian said this was the first day of spring.  Yeah, right...spring is sunny, maybe rainy, but SNOW!!??
It's cold and wet and just not where I want to be right now.
Some kind neighbor used a very noisy machine to take some of this stuff away.

But it still does not live up to my expectations.
Look at our deck now, f'instance.  That's not spring.

This is the spring deck.
This is not spring ground.

This is the spring ground--with grass.

So, c'mon spring...stop hiding under that white, cold, wet stuff.
We're still waiting for you!