May 23, 2014


Hey, didja see our last post?  It was really to enter a contest that library-bus was having.  And...oh yeah...guess who won!!
Well, I see that they've added a new name to mine....June.  June Jazz...sort of catchy, huh? 

We've never won anything before, so we asked Guardian what a "Zoo" was and what I (and Gus) would be doing there.  She said it is a place where people come to look at animals up close.  Most are animals from the wild and are in cages to protect them and us. They don't live with people normally. 

This sounded exciting, but then why was I going to be there? I mean, I live with wild-pug Gus, but both of us live with a human.  And I definitely do not live in a cage.  Hmmmm...but Gus sleeps in a crate.  Isn't that sort of a cage?

Guardian:  Silly Jazz.  You and Gus can't go to a Zoo.
Jazz:  Why not?  I mean it's named after me.
Guardian: But the only animals there are ones that live there.  Some were hurt and came there to be healed.  Then they couldn't go back to the wild.
Jazz:  I'm confused. You mean, my name is on the paper, but I can't even go to someplace that's named for me!!?? I mean, we pugs won the prize, didn't we?
Guardian: Give it a rest, Jazz.  Your name is also a kind of music.  And June is a month that comes after May.  So the music, Jazz, is coming to the zoo in June. Not you.
Jazz: Hahrumpf!  Humans are so weird!