March 15, 2014


 This was an important day! Our first adventure since the ENDLESS WINTER began to trap us inside for all except bathroom breaks.  The sun was out, but it was still chilly.  Guardian took us to place where lots of friends meet.  That's great, I always like friendly people! More ways to get someone to put their hands all over me.  Well, that's sort of what the sign says, doesn't it?  OK, not the hands...just friends. 
There was this BIG yard there, but there were these stones sticking up all over it.
Must make it hard to use that machine to shorten the grass.

Gus and I wanted to see one of these stones up close. So Guardian took us to see one.

It had some sort of writing on it. And it didn't look like nature made the stone or the writing.  Gus wanted to see another one. 
I wasn't so sure that I wanted to.
 This one was hard to read, and it had some numbers---like 1741 and 1593. Wonder if that was some sort of secret code.  Sort of creepy.  Everywhere we looked, we saw all these crazy stones. And no friends sorts of people at all!
And still s***, that lousy, cold, wet white stuff....yeah much less, I know.  Just hate to see ANY of it anymore.  
Honestly, I wasn't sure this was a good first outing for us.

Guardian said to show a little respect. This was the final resting spot of a lot of people.  Who would want to rest all the time with all these stones and the coldness outside?  She explained that these people had all died in the past. Died? as in Dead?  as in maybe GhostsWere these all the friends, and is this where they meet?

I mean, I know this was our first outing in a LONG time, 
but this was seriously too grave for us!