August 10, 2013

Cute Klepto

Our friend, Darby, came to visit us a few days ago.  We were happy to see him, and he is healthy and getting less and less shy.  He is, in fact, getting downright bold!  Our Guardians were chatting and when Darby's Guardian was ready to leave....well, let's just say something was in Darby's mouth that wasn't there when he first came into our house.

His Guardian commanded him to drop it....but Darby stood fast and tried to cover up the evidence with his own face fur.

Darby's alter ego, "Klepto," was firmly in charge!  He left the house with it still in his mouth. We heard he carried it all the way home, and despite being thirsty from a hot day, he held fast to it at his home and when visiting the next door neighbor.

We didn't care....we have enough toys.  We were happy to share one with our friend--even though Gus and I seldom share toys with each other.  (Does that make us "not friends?"  Hmmmm...)

Gus decided he did want to play with the red bone after Darby returned it to us.

And Darby's Guardian let us know that Darby has learned a new lesson.

Best part----Gus and I became friends again because I had shared the red bone with him after Darby brought it back.
 That felt really right and good. It was nice to snuggle and sleep on top of him again.  Am I mellowing in my old age??