February 22, 2013


We haven’t been on here because Guardian has been jet-lagged. She also had to catch up on everything.

We found out more why Guardian left us for a bunch of days. Turns out she took classes to become a better dog communicator, and it seems to be working.  Gus and I agree that even though she’s acting weird, we’ll go along with it for now.  She’s not talking as much, making strong hand gestures and occasionally body tapping us to get us to do things--sort of good in a way, strangely enough.  We get tired of too much human talking.

Still, she hasn’t completely forgotten how to be like she was before she left us.  We get lots of loving--just not so all the darn time.  It’s a relief, really.  We never quite felt comfortable with all that attention, even if we loved it.  Don’t know how to explain it, but we feel calmer now.

There were photos to show it was some sort of hiking event with lots of people and other dogs.  That guy who whispers to dogs was involved along with two others called Brian and Cheri. 

 We know that Guardian is very happy she went, and because she hasn’t totally ignored us since she returned, we think it was all ok.  Except she missed my 10 bone birthday.  Well...I’ll forgive her for that.  After a point, it’s OK to ignore those years piling up.

HOWEVER, we saw some photos recently that proves she was cheating on us.
Who is that strange dog kissing her?
Guardian holding up a tag that had OUR photos on it! So our avatars were there, at least.

After she got back and before the weather got all wintry and cold and windy again, we went on longer walks, too, like the dogs in the photo. We didn’t get to sniff as often.  After a while, we didn’t care.  We sort of got into the groove...sort of meditative....and primal--wolf-like!  Darby was walking with us, too. Our very own pack!  But today was just too cold, and even Gus didn’t want to stay out very long.  Guardian decided to give us a bath, which ends in a chew-and-chase-the-ball event.  We live for those moments...and for food... and touching...and food and petting...(just not ALL the time--well, except for the food).

Guardian told us that the 1000 pug photo lady got sick and she couldn’t share Valentine’s Day with us like we thought.  So when she gets better she’ll come to see us.  We know that she doesn’t yet have the 1000 pugs she needs for her book, so we feel it's important to help her reach that big number.  So Puglet (if you ever read this), tell your human we still want to meet her and help her out.  We hope she gets all better soon.

If you want to see some really cool pug photos, go to http://1000pugs.com/.  
One day we’ll have our pug mugs on there, too, we hope!

February 5, 2013


I've suspected something's not quite right lately.  The last couple of days, Guardian has been pulling stuff out of closets, putting them in boxes.  Then she pulled out this thing with handles and zippers and wheels, opened it and started putting a lot of the stuff into it from those boxes.

Today she took this heavy thing and bumped it down the stairs and put it near the front door.  Gus and I investigated it.
Yep, it's just as I suspected...she's leaving us again. She rolled this thing out to her car tonight, so that's the biggest clue.

I figure if she's not here, I can't dictate to her, so the blog will be lonely again until she returns.  We will, too.
So you will have to wait until she comes back before you can read all about it.
Any ideas where she might be going? Has she told any of you where she's disappearing to?