December 24, 2012


We understand there's an attack on Christmas.  Baloney! (hmmm...someone said might be something to eat--but not in our house). Christmas is alive and well, folks.

Guardian only decorates us, but the houses all around us are full of all sorts of Christmas celebration lights and symbols and all other things Christmas. We walk around in one green (Gus) & one red(ish) (me) coats that have cool flashing lights and these silvery edges that get all "glowy" when a light beam hits us.  That's so the machines that have light beams will see us and not run over us.  Black pugs on a dark night, if you know what I mean.

But we know there are other celebrations that aren't Hannukah and Kwaanza..that happen about the same time.  But we're pugs!  We'll celebrate anything--so long as there's food and love and coziness.

And there seems to be plenty of that going around. We hope you can spread even more by donating to your favorite needy cause, too.  Nope, for once we're not the ones in need! 

 And if you can't figure out what's on our shirts....Gus is the model for showing it.

That's Rudolph, but you can't see his red nose.  Use your imagination.

We also celebrated a place that helps people who lost their jobs find new ones.
Guardian helps the people they send to her.
We hope they all find good jobs in 2013!

So Merry Whatever You Celebrate! 

December 15, 2012


Gus here:  You should see my new Man Dog Cave duds!  They're soft and cozy and dark--all the things that I love about how my Man Dog Cave is totally MINE!  Jazz sometimes comes in--mostly in the morning to check out how soon I’ll be coming out so she can attack me. But she never stays.  I'm not sure I'd let her stay in there anyway.  I mean a dog's Man Dog Cave is his Kingdom.  Right?

So, take a look and tell me what you think!

Cozy, eh?  That red and white thing is something Guardian added for more softness.
In case you want to order one of your own.
 Here I am on the lookout for invaders.
 Defending my Kingdom against attackers.
 Jazz vanquished.....I RULE!!