August 18, 2012


So Guardian said we were going to see that Devil Tongue plant know that weird plant we showed you back in April.
From April 25, 2012 post
We were sort of afraid that the plant had gotten really, really hungry since we first saw it and maybe Guardian was going to allow it to nibble on us.  Maybe we did something wrong and....well, you know how humans can sometimes be when they think you've been messing with them.

So, we followed her over to Jake’s house, sort of nervously.  When we got there, we started looking for the Devil’s Tongue.

But we couldn’t find it.

So where'd it go?

Then she pointed to this bunch of leaves on a spotted stick.

THIS is that Devil’s Tongue!?!?!?  Nah, couldn’t be!  But Jake has lived with this plant for years, and he assures us this is what the plant looks like after that creepy “flower” dies. Then Guardian found this on the big cyber spider web.

She figured somebody might not believe what they see here. She said that its real name is Amorphophallus konjac
Common names:  Voodoo Lily,  Snake Plant, Dragon Plant
Sometimes known as:  Devil's Tongue, Snake Palm, Konnyaku, Pinyin, Konjaku, and  Elephant Yam

So, anybody read about that plant?  Do you believe us now?  Just for the record, I think she's messing with us.

August 6, 2012


Well, I’ve been outed.  Let me explain.

You know how my face is getting grayer and grayer.  Yeah, I’ve got plenty of spring in my legs and good attack maneuvers when Gus and I tussle.  I can jump pretty high and stand up on my back legs if there’s a treat involved.  And I run fast when I need to.  I do enjoy soft places to snuggle and sleep, for sure, but I am just resting to gather energy for my next ball chasing or Gus beating.

So when I saw myself on our last blog entry, I couldn’t understand who that gray-faced dog was sitting next to Gus.  Then it hit me—it was ME!!! Whew….this cannot be ME, I thought!!
Who is that gray faced creature?
So I worked out this scheme to turn my gray a darker color by mushing my face into my food bowl.  It knew it was working when I heard someone say to Guardian how brown my face was looking.

Then Guardian decided to wash my face.  She kept licking it and licking it with some white cloth thing. And the more the cloth licked, the browner it became.  She made these ugly noises and wrinkled up her face. Maybe she was trying to pretend she was a pug!  It didn't work.  She's as human as ever (or maybe IN-human?).

See?  This is how brown my face could be from the food dye

And now she uses those cloths to lick my face almost every day.

But I’ve got the last growl….my food mushing has worked.  My face has some brown that simply won’t lick off.  Hah!