December 25, 2016


Gus, do you think that's for us?!
Gus: You think we can grab it before Guardian gets back??

October 30, 2016


CHICA here:  Guardian was really, really happy with a white thing she got from the mailbox.  Inside were papers that made her dance around.  Then she fiddled with my new rainbow and bones collar and it looked like this.

Then she showed me this.

Just looked like some piece of big deal.  But Guardian shook her head and smiled a lot.  She told me I'd be meeting a lot of kids soon.  I understood that!  And I was excited, too!

She said this would help kids read better, 'cuz they would read their favorite stories to ME!
Can I bring my pine cone toy to share?

Guardian said we could bring our "Yes" toy...but not the pine cone.

Guardian showed me that children also have read to Gus so I'd know sorta what it looked like.

Kids like me, too!  I'm sure they'll like reading to me, right?

Oh, yes, Chica.. they will surely LOVE to read to you!

October 25, 2016


Gus here:  I didn't feel too good last week.  My neck hurt me, but the dog doctor cleaned out my ears by mistake.  The lady who helps him held my sore neck so hard I couldn't do anything but scream and yowl.  Guardian was so upset her eyes leaked. She said I looked too old.

And here I am, a bigger number older today than I was yesterday. No wonder I don't feel so good.
Guardian made me feel better, though, 'cause she made special cookies just for me ( I think--Chica might try to steal one, darnit!)
10 Cookie Pug BD
These are cookie pugs--and since there are no other pugs in the neighborhood, they have come to wish me a Happy Larger Number Day.
Guardian even made two black cookie pugs 'specially for me and the "other" pug. Chica's ok, but she bumped into me when I was hurting & it felt bad. She didn't know she hurt me.
Gus on left with silver-gray legs & tail
I got some pills that made me hurt less, so now I can shake my head and body again. And I can tilt my head again.

And walk on the treadmill with Guardian again.

I can even play with my Greenie squeaky ball...I thought it had hurt my neck, so I didn't want to play with it until now. That really made Guardian happy.  She loves to play ball with me.  Her eyes leaked with happiness this time.

Chica here: We even got to eat one of the cookie pugs!

I let Chica sleep next to me...but not TOO close...

And I'll share my ball with you, Gus!  
You still look pretty good to me!
Happy 10 Cookie Pug Birthday, Gus! 

October 12, 2016

NUMBERS...4, 12, 1, 9, 10, 25, AND A "SPECIAL 5"

Chica here: Guardian was talking with us about something called "numbers." We learned the number 4--4 legs, 4 toes, 4 years old (me!), and 4 outdoor walks (our favorite). I wear one Fancy Pants sometimes because I do what Guardian calls "whirligiging" on my bottom once in a while.  They look good on me!
4 legs, toes, 1 Fancy Pants

Gus's years' number is 9 now. He'll learn about 10 when he has his 10 bone birthday soon. Make sure you show up on something called October, number 25 to celebrate Gus's 10 bone birthday! Oh..there's another number--25!  Hey, I'm learning--but what's 25 mean anyway??!

All these 12 pugs are actually 1?? Wha..?
We were told the number 12 means how many parts (I think they are called "months"?) in 1 year--very confusing.  How does 12 = 1 anyway?

Today we also learned the number 5--that's because Guardian told us today is Pug Snort Report's 5 bone birthday. (Guardian says to click on that and you'll see the very first story on Pug Snort Report.) I don't know how many months that is, but I think it's a lot more than 12.

I never met Jazz, but Guardian said she started it all.
Yep, Jazz started it all

So we want to make sure you all know that, 'cause Jazz now lives only in Guardian's heart.    

Thanks, Jazz, for starting this.
Happy number 5 birthday, Pug Snort Report!

August 16, 2016


CHICA HERE:  Hey!  let's celebrate my ridiculous tongue, Gus!  Look, it's Tongue Out Tuesday!

GUS: Uh...and why are we celebrating your weird tongue?

CHICA:  I told you...because it's Tongue Out Tuesday!  Look...I have many ways to display my tongue:
After a bath..
While I'm waiting for my meals....

When I'm excited about something...

My tongue helps cool me...

Just relaxin'

My puppies needed my tongue lots of times
GUS: Puppies? What puppies?

CHICA: I was a momma before I came to live here.  My tongue cleaned them and helped them...uh...go potty.  Didn't Guardian tell you I was a momma?

GUS: Not really.  I mean, I don't really know much about puppies and mommas.

CHICA:  Ok...but just so you know, Gus, I CAN hide my tongue...

GUS: Yeah?
CHICA: How come your tongue doesn't stick out???

August 11, 2016


Chica here:  All this hoopla about politics has made our Guardian very grumpy.  So, we found out who the REAL best Presidential candidate is---Mildred!

Yeah, that makes it simple!  She's running for the Geezer Party.  I bet there are lots of Geezers out there who were disappointed lately, and we hope you will consider this four footed, one-eyed candidate!  Guardian, would voting for Mildred make you happy again???!!!

I especially like her tongue---

Gus here:  yeah, I kinda think I have a thing for her...I may have found out I like older lady pugs--well, especially this one. She keeps her eye on everything that's happening.  But she doesn't see everything, and that's good.  So Mildred, please come to my area and let's...well...I'm saving my comments for our private time together :-) Oh, and maybe you'd like me to be your VP running partner?   I see you have the moves...I'd like to move with you!

Mildred here:  Get in line, puggy.  I've got quite the list of admirers....

Oh Gus, you are so pugsmacked...that's cute!

July 17, 2016


Whew! I pant and pant and pant on a walk trying to get cool.  Guardian told me a doctor fixed some of my body parts to make it easier to breathe.  Maybe so, but when I walk out the door with Gus for a walk, I still pant and pant.

When I came in from a walk today, I found a really cool spot.

There was a lot of cool air coming out of this thing on the floor, but it wasn't all that comfortable lying on that hard thing.

I had to move a bit to get comfy, though. Pugs like to lie on soft things, but a girl's gotta do what she has to do to take away her hotness!

Today, Guardian came up with a new idea for cooling me on a walk.

She called it a "Chilly Buddy" coat.  It was really made for Gus a while ago, so it was sorta too long for me. Well, it just made me cooler, 'cause it covered more of me. Guardian stuck it in water first and when she put it on me, I didn't pant at all
--well for the first block anyway.  But I got used to it and now I don't mind wearing it at all!

Here's Gus wearing it when Guardian told to me he did something called "herding" sheep in a hot place. 
I guess those funny whitish animals are sheep?

Anyway, thanks, Gus for sharing your cooling coat!

My what???

July 9, 2016


Chica here:  I am officially smart!!

Gus here:  Well, you aren't the only pug in the house who's smart.

And I've been smarter much longer than you.  You gotta a LOT of catching up to do!
You aren't a real Therapy Dog yet, either!

You really know how to hurt a girl...

I'm sorry...guess I'm not all that smart, am I? I've got a bunch still to learn...

That's OK Gus.
I love you anyway!