June 30, 2015


Gus and I used to be all black pugs.  But somehow we have become "silverized."

Silver is precious and shiny.
Gus: I have silver paws.

Maybe that's why people are always asking how old I am.  What's this "old" thing?  Sure, I like to sleep a lot (are there pugs who don't?).
I like sleeping in the warm sun

Sure, I may not like to walk as far as Gus (that's because he's always stopping and peeing on things--so annoying!). Sure, it's hard to see as good as I used to. And if I can't see what's making a noise, I may leave the room.  Something may be sneaking up on me, and it's just smart to leave in that case.

But you should see me when we come in from our morning walk.  I play longer and better with my many-squeakered toy than he does.  Does he want to jump over Guardian's legs while holding on to his toy?  No.  Does he let Guardian come up close to him and whirl him around with his toy in his mouth--well sometimes, but not as good as I do.
Yeah, I'm just getting started with this toy!

Does he settle in and chew on the squeakers inbetween whirls?  No, because he's lost a lot of the squeakers when he shakes the life out of his toy. He's a one trick toy player--so boring.
I'm tired--can I go pee on something?
Maybe people should not just look at my silver and instead watch my actions before they think I'm too ancient!
C'mon, Gus, no more peeing--let's play!

June 9, 2015


We have another doggie friend named Logan we met a while ago.  We haven't mentioned her here yet, though, because we don't see her very often like we see Darby.  She's little--like us--but she was kinda shy for a long time.

We tried to look friendly without being over the top friendly.

As you can see here, this seemed to work:

Here is Logan smiling with her cheerful Guardian.

I couldn't help smiling with them.

Me, too

Maybe Logan's Guardian will now go on some of our pack walks.  We asked her.

Uh-Oh,  Logan doesn't look quite ready for that!