April 12, 2014


Guardian reads a lot.  Maybe that's why she takes us to so many libraries..not because she reads to us, but because kids read to us.  She wants kids not to like to read; she wants them to LOVE to read.  That's where we come in.  Kids who like dogs (you mean, there are some who DON'T!!!??), love to read to us.  I don't know what this means, but she says, "Kids, dogs, and literacy...that's the best trifecta there is!"  (Does literacy mean throwing stuff around in a messy way?  That doesn't seem to be right.  Maybe it means they throw words at us--like littering our ears with story words?!  That's a good kind of littering, y'know!)

But there's one library she took us to a couple days ago that was really weird.   Now, we've been to a lot of parking lots, but we never, ever saw a library there. But that's where this one was.  It was small for a library and had wheels.  Sort of looked like a bus without side windows. It had words on it and a couple pictures instead of windows.

There were steep steps that I was afraid of (you know, I don't see so well now), but Gus, the oblivious, just went right on up. Probably thought there was food in there.

When we got in, though, we found just two very nice people--no kids, but a lot of books. There was a very happy lady who wanted to read us a book about pigs (closely related to pugs, I'm told--just a letter off).  Her name was Eileen.

The other nice person was a guy named Joe.  He held some kind of signs with our pictures on it with kids reading to us in other libraries (the ones that don't park in the parking lots, but at least have parking lots).

One sign said:
And the other one said this:
Okay, so now we know this strange library is called a "Bookmobile."  Whatever. 

I guess our message to all you kids is---you can get all sorts of books and other library stuff--like movies--from this odd bus-like thing.  And Guardian told us it comes to places all over the map.  I bet it comes to a place near you, too!  No, they haven't invited us yet. That's OK.  Because there's no room for both kids and dogs along with the big people anyway.  

But maybe if you kids have dogs, you can take books out from the Bookmobile, go home and read to them.   And grown-ups...you can take books out, too!  

Guardian also told us if they don't have a book you want, they can get it for you. Then the Bookmobile can roll right back to near where you live and hold it there for you to go get it.  FREE!  We like free...whatever that is. We just know it makes people smile...and smiling means people are happy...which makes us...relieved!