June 27, 2013


Guardian recently took me to the short trip library that Gus usually goes to.  I just had to have a chance to be known there, since I'm the more experienced therapy pug in the family.
This is the first reader.  She just relaxed me.  
This is reader number 2. Can you believe she's only 5!  She read a book with sentences that had to do with some Sam dude.  She also let me see the pictures. That was a nice touch.
I had to sit up and take notice of that!

Lovely lassie number 3 didn't like dogs. Oh well, it happens.  I got to be in Guardian's lap for this one.
Reader 3 was a little shy here.

But she soon perked up.

No one can be shy around me for long! 
I'm just irresistible!!!!

June 10, 2013


Gus here.  I never get enough to eat.  No matter that my Guardian tells me my weight is perfect and the food I eat is very good for me.  I'm still always hungry.  So I'm trying something to encourage Guardian to feed me more often.  I blow bubbles for bounty.  You know...bounty...like lots...lots of food...bounty of food.  Whatever.  I speak pug, not English, so sometimes you gotta interpret.

So here I am staring down my food bowl.  I bubble sometimes, and I know Guardian sometimes laughs and tells me my bubbles are funny.  I decided to give her the biggest bubble ever, especially if it meant I'd get more food.

Look at this sucker....it's bigger than my nose!!!

But did it get me more food???

So, where's my bowl?  Where's my bounty??? 

Disappointed again :(

June 1, 2013


We've all been bummed out by this latest hot, hot, hot weather.  Guardian says that three days in a row of 90+ degrees = heat wave. I don't know about that. Except for knowing how much is in my food bowl, I don't bother with numbers. All I know is that Guardian wouldn't let us out on the deck AT ALL.

Even she was fed up with staying indoors except for our short potty breaks.  We went down on the very bottom floor of our house, and that's when she had a surprise for us.  OUR VERY OWN PRIVATE PARK!  No car, no crate, either, needed to get to it.

 Here it is....trees and shade and grass. OUTSIDE. Even in the heat! Only...no path like our usual parks.   I was cautious.  Gus, the goofball, will go anywhere, and he was right there in line, doing his usual velcro pug stuff, but I hung back.  

 Jazz: What's that wheely thing?
Guardian: It's a Beach Buggy.
Jazz: Where's the beach?  I'm not going anywhere. You're just trying to trick me.
Guardian:  [Shrugging]

Guardian took a few things outside plus the wheely, then added Gus. But not me!

They left me behind---imagine that!!  I was frantic!   Finally, after what seemed like two lifetimes, Guardian checked up on me.  This time I was NOT gonna be ignored.
Maybe if I ignore her, she'll go away.

I told Gus what I thought about being left behind.  I knew better than to scold Guardian if I wanted to stay with them.

I was gonna show Gus I meant business, so I started to hump him.
Get away from me, Jazz!
I told Jazz all right! I'm duh man dog!

I happened to look over my shoulder then.  What is that?

That looks an awful lot like our deck!  What's it doing in our very own private park?

HEE HEEE HEEEE...and she thinks she's SO smart.  I knew where we were all along!