July 21, 2012


So I didn’t know Guardian was sending out photos of me to Stratoz, one our blog followers.  He and his wife, Margaret, are really good with making little bits of things into pictures.  And, well, Guardian decided she wanted one of those bit pictures to be of me! The little bits in my picture are really bigger bits of glass, so I’m told.  And that sign that says “Nutmeg Designs” is where Stratoz and Margaret show their other little, medium and big bit pictures.

Guardian was so happy to see it.  My eyes don’t see as well as they used to, but even I liked it!  That’s supposed to be a red background.  If I could see colors, red would be my favorite.

Stratoz (glass bit picture creator), Me, Gus and bit pictures--including the one of MY face! See? It really does look like me!

So, here are Gus and me and Stratoz in front of some of the other pictures made of little bits, the ones Margaret made. You know about my Christmas present—that’s my name.  Then there are the two little bit designs by Margaret.  Guardian told me one was a "healing mandala"—she needed that at one time when she was sick, and when I was much younger. I guess it worked, 'cuz she seems healthy now.  And the other, she said, is a “trivet,” whatever that is.

I told Guardian to let people know where they can look at more at these little, medium and big bit pictures.  They even have those things people (women, mostly) wear around their necks.  They don’t have any more pugs, but I’m sure Stratoz would be happy to make one of your pug, too!  Or whatever picture you wanted with all sorts of great colors that I can’t see, but your eyes can!


July 3, 2012


So, Gus and I are obsessed with food.  We live for our next meal and other eatable things.  We are obsessed about going out on walks because we get little various treats (like dried duck breast; beef, turkey, and lamb jerky just for dogs; dried beef liver bits, etc.), all of them legal for Gus.  (With all of his allergies, you know.)  And we just adore those smells everywhere!

We are also obsessed with bath time and our little ‘Cuz squeaky balls we play with after the bath.

We love our Skinneeze, too.  Sort of an obsession, but not all the time.

But our Guardian is obsessed with something totally strange.  She calls it “Artistic Rubber Stamping.”  She spends DAYS in the basement, hunched over a table, moving around wooden and other blocks with a rubbery thing on them, smacking them on some kind of thing first to color the rubber, then pressing them on paper. She sometimes forgets to take us out and....and she forgets to eat.  That's just WRONG!

She also sits at a computer for hours taking what she says are classes to learn how to do this better. How you do this on a computer is puzzling.  (Humans are SO puzzling anyway!)   

She has these special coloring sticks.  She says they’re “Kohpix” or something like that.  She ought to have one of those college degrees, with all the classes she’s taken on stamping.  She keeps filling up the house with her “art works,” putting them on furniture, clipping them to this white board thing-y on the wall…and so on.

So, here are some of the pictures she’s made. I don’t know why she doesn’t have any pugs in them, though.  And she SO ignores us while she's making them.

She assures us she’ll get around to a pug picture, too. Hah!  won't believe it 'til I see it!

Not a single pug here. Except me, Gus. And the thing that works the lights, too. See it? Me neither. But Guardian swears it's there.